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Cutest Kid Contest 2014

Brought to you by:
 Central Kentucky's 6th Annual Cutest Kid Contest brought to you by Vision First of Frankfort and the station spreading the cuteness, Star 103.7!

Here are the winners for the 6th Annual Cutest Kid Contest!
The prizes are all about learning this year!

Ages 0-2 years:
Winner: Emalyn D. (3 months)
She won a  VTech - MobiGo Touch Learning System

Ages 3-7 years:
Winner: Kaylee P (4)
She won a LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Tablet

Ages 8-12 years:
Winner: Avery S (9)

She won a 7" Dragon Touch Android Tablet

Overall Winner:
Winner Bentley C. (2)
He won a Kindle Fire HD


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