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Star 103.7's Friday Feline!


Hilda, 4 years old, brown tabby short hair, spayed female 
Hilda is a lap-cat in training and she knows that practice makes perfect, so if your lap's available come introduce yourself to her today! This sweet, slender brown tabby and white lady is an affectionate, outgoing gal; between her pouncy, playful spells and her purry, snuggly spells, she'll keep a smile on your face day in and day out. It doesn't get much better than that, if you ask us! Come meet Hilda at our adoption center today, or call us at 859 873 5491 to find out more about her!


Eva has done her time roughing it as a stray...she's over all that nonsense and ready to plop down on a friendly lap and enjoy the good life! This petite brown tabby lady is confident, outgoing, and quick to make a new friend out of everyone she meets, but what she's really looking for now is a best friend who will share their world with her for good - sunbeams, snuggles, catnip toys, and all. If you think you can do that for a cutie like Eva, come meet her at our adoption center today, or call us at 859 873 5491 to find out more about her!


Max is operating at a maximum level of feline cuteness. We suspect when he's adopted and settles in, he will be quite the ham, demonstrating how fantastic he truly is. Our Max thinks every person is a new friend waiting to be made. He will happily request a chin rub or a scratch behind the ears the moment you meet him! Within just a few seconds this handsome orange and white tabby cat will begin purring immediately! Couldn't you get used to a fun, loving kitty like him? He gets along well with kids of all ages. If Max sounds like one in a kitty million, meet him at our adoption center or call us at 859 873 5491, for more information.

Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer has definitely experienced an adventure or two in his life time. But each adventure added to this handsome ticked tabby cat's character and we're sure that if he could he would tell you stories for days. Tom Sawyer came to us after fending for himself in this big world; but he never lost his heart of gold and his soft purr. We home Tom Sawyer's next adventure will be discovering his forever home. If you want to be Tom's Huckleberry and his partner on the is adventure meet him at the Woodford Humane Society Adoption Center in Versailles today! For more information about Tom and other adoptable pets, please call 859.873.5491 or visit