How We Met Stories 2011

Story #1 Submitted by Kristina Johnson
My husband and I met at work (our first real job that we both are still employed at). We went out on a double date with 2 friends to the movies. The movie we wanted to see was a love story but it ended up being sold out. We had to watch  Anaconda instead big difference! We started dating in August of 2004 right after the movie. We have been married 5 years on april 1st! Yes April fools day!!!! That’s what makes it special..!!!
Thanks for letting us share our story!

Story #2 Submitted by Megan Bemis

Josh & I first met in high school; I was a sophomore, he was a freshmen. We had only one class together all year and that first year in school together; we really didn't talk that much. We talked and joked around some in class; but never really spoke outside of the classroom. It wasn't until the next year of school that we really started talking and getting to know each other. We had a few more classes together then the year before; so there was more of a chance for us to talk. We had been flirting back and forth for a while but neither one of us really pursued the other one until one of our friends stepped in. We were all walking to class one day and our friend Travis, sat Josh and I down at one of the lunch tables side by side and told us to talk about dating. After sitting there talking about the same things we talked about on the phone and in class, we finally got up and left; nothing really happened. A few weeks passed and we continued the innocent flirting, chit chatting, phone conversations, until one night in November when we were talking on the internet. After talking for a while; he finally sealed the deal; by asking me out.  On November 22nd, 2005, Josh & I officially became a couple. We have been together since then, even welcoming a baby boy named Brenden on February 28th, 2007. People say the cutest & most unbelievable thing about us, is that our birthdays are 1 day apart. His birthday is April 24th and mine is April 25th. =) This Valentine's Day will be our 6th one together and I want to do something special with him; we've never really done anything but go out to eat. So this year I want to do something fun & different! Six years may not be that long; but it's been the best six years of my life; our beautiful 4 year old son is proof of that! So I guess you could call us what everyone else does; High School Sweethearts. =D

Story #3 Submitted by Kimberly Sheets

I love singing karaoke.  I was pretty burned out at the place I had been going, so I decided one night to try this place called Survivors.  I saw this good looking guy walking around the bar several times throughout the night.  Then he gets up and sings “To Be With You” by Mr. Big.  He wasn’t very good, but he made me laugh.  After he sang, he came up to my table and started talking to me.  We talked for several hours that night and hit it off. Two years later we got married on 07-07-07 in Las Vegas.  We even made it  onto the evening news as one of the many newlywed couples for that day.  We are still happily married and look forward to a happy future.

Story #4 Submitted by Danielle Horsley
My husband and I met through my cousin, it wasn't a set up, but she introduced us. I will be honest, at first when he asked me out I told him no. Our fist date was dinner at Logan's, and a movie, which was The Break Up, odd choice I know. We go to Logan's often now, because its special to us and the food is pretty tasty, lol. We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and have been together for almost five years, and I couldn't love him more, and I'm sure he feels the same, or at least he

Story #5 Submitted by Crystal Bryant

Shawn and I have known each other all our lives, but we became really good friends by the time I was 17. I had the biggest crush on him and always told my best friend that someday I would marry him. We lost touch after high school when he went into the military and I moved away, but after I got out of a terrible relationship (20 years later) and Shawn had been through a terrible divorce, I opened a Facebook and I found him. He came to Frankfort and met me for a drink to catch up...that was over a year ago and we have been inseperable since. We are very much in love, I have loved him all my life and now I am no longer his "One that got away." Thank God for Facebook!

Story #6 Submitted by Leitha Harris

It was a boring Saturday night and my friend asked if I wanted to go over to a friend’s house for a party. I went and sat down on the couch next to this guy that worked with my friend. We went out that next Tuesday for dinner at Chi-Chi’s and movie Cruel Intentions. It will be together 12 years next month and married for 9 years on March 30th. Wonder what would have happened if I had sat on the other side of the room…

Story #7 Submitted by Tiffany Turner

In 2003 I had come home again at the age of 23 to live with my parents due to my dad’s battle with cancer. During that time our next door neighbor’s son, Sam, had moved back home as well. I had grown up knowing Sam’s dad but hadn’t known him since he mainly lived with his mom since his parents’ divorce. We started hanging out together in the garage in the evenings, playing darts or just watching tv and talking. We quickly became best friends in difficult times and were practically inseparable.  My father passed away in April of 2004, and I don’t know what I would have done without Sam’s love and support. We were ready to move forward in our lives and in our relationship and moved in together after he proposed to me on Aug 13 2004. He literally married “the girl next door”… On March 12 I will have been married to this wonderful man for 6 full years, and I am so grateful to have him in my life.

Story #8 Submitted by Lisa Hargis

My husband and I met as kids. He moved in next door when we were in 6th grade. We were always friends but never really looked at eachother any other way. We would see eachother on holidays in passing when he would visit his parents and I would visit mine.  Then one night we saw eachother at the Dragon and talked for the first time in about 10 years. We had both just gotten out of relationships and each had a child. That night was really cool because we had so many memories of being kids and stayed up and talked all night long! We are now going on 3 years of marriage. Our families never would have expected this to happen but they are very happy for us! 

Story #9 Submitted by Jennifer Rhoades

I met my husband when I was 15 years old in high school. It was his 18th birthday and our mutual friend asked him to eat lunch with us that day. He sat down and we all enjoyed lunch together and before we got up to leave I decided to write him a Happy Birthday note. He asked for my phone number and called me later that day to ask me out on a date. Since I was only 15, he had to come over to my house and ask my dad for permission to take me out in his car. Luckily my dad agreed and we went out the following weekend. We enjoyed a movie and some ice cream at Baskin Robins. That was over 16 years ago and we are still happily married with two children. I am so lucky to have met the love of my life in high school!

Story #10 Submitted by Rachel Fint

I had seen my husband a few times thru the bank I worked at. But we didn't officially "meet" until his brother asked me out on a date. I was coming down with the flu and didn't know it. I didn't want to cancel and be rude so I let his brother know feeling crudy. He told me we can leave whenever I wanted. He called his brother (my husband) and said he should come out and be social. So he gets there and I'm dancing with my friends and his brother is at bar with his talking. My now husband decides to come talk to me instead. The date ends and we all go home. My flu comes on strong and all I want is for him to call me and not his brother. Thankfully he wanted to call me too. We are now coming up on a 5 year wedding anniversary!

Story #11 Submitted by Christy Spencer

Mike and I met at the video store where I used to work.  He was a customer.  He didn't know my name to ask me out, but he asked for the cute brunette who drives the new red Toyota.  That was 21 years ago, and we are still together today. 

Story #12 Submitted by Kalan Slattery

My story starts off very gloomy. My mother, a once vivacious and beautiful woman, ran into problems that changed a strong woman to a much weaker version of herself. She committed suicide at the age of 43 in the year 2003. I feel that she regretted what she did shortly after and sometimes I think of her angel watching over me. I tend to have a good fortune. Some people say that I am lucky. I don't believe it's luck. I really think it's her watching out for me, giving me those things that she would have if she were physically here and able to do so.  I  tell this story because in the year after her death, I came upon my 26th birthday. It was the first birthday without mom to call and make my day special. It was the first birthday without that little something that she might of given me that was special because only she knew me best. On the week of my 26th birthday, I started to feel lonely. I browsed the friends I'd randomly added to my yahoo friends list. I got into contact with a couple of guys and decided to meet one of them over the other that night as I could of seen either one.
The one I chose was the wrong one and it was very obvious as he was totally conceited. The next night I met the other guy. The pieces just fit. He was sincere, a little shy, kind of cute, humble, and everything that my mother would of thought of as the perfect guy for me. It's funny because that wouldn't of been the kind of guy I'd of chose when she was alive. After her death, I understood the importance of having a good stable guy as life isn't always easy and I understood I'd need someone to get me through the hurdles. Our love grew and months later my mothers best friend told me that she thought mom might have brought James and I together. I truly believe that mom brought him to me so that I didn't have to be alone on my birthday. I am so fortunate that because of that gift, I NEVER have to be alone.
The story of us is basically this: We met at my home and we liked each other. He came over again on my birthday (not knowing it was) and I cooked him a nice dinner. On our third date he took me out to Malone's in Lexington and then to Joseph Beth's & Starbucks. I thought he was an original kind of guy and knew that night that he was the one. Since then we have made magic together and I can't imagine a better man for me.
Also, as a quick note, another competitor, Lisa Hargis, also has an amazing love story and every bit of it is true. She's one of my close friends and I almost didn't enter the competition because of that. Either way, I hope you pick one of us. She was the friend that held my hand and sat beside me through the whole ordeal with my mother. I was there for her through a much happier moment, her wedding. She and David are also amazing! (You can post this too if you want)

Story #13 Submitted by Critt Nalley

A quick story on how my wife and I fell in love and have been happily married now for 3 years.  Both of  us  being divorcées, we were not looking to have anything to do with the opposite sex, much less a
relationship.  But as they say, things happen.  Ours is one of argumentsthat turned flirty that turned into love.  You see I am a firefighter/paramedic and she at the time, was a emergency room nurse.  We had seen each other many times in the ER and were really nothing morethan acquaintances.  But something was there. A glance here, a smile there, and my wife's smile is intoxicating.  One night as I brought in apatient.  My soon to be wife tried to hand me, what I thought was some unnecessary paperwork concerning the patient.  I refused to take the paperwork.  She quickly replied in a hostile tone that I was too going to take the information that she had pain stakingly gather for me.  I again refused, she again insisted but this even more hostile.  I then
took the paperwork.  She smiled.  I smiled back.  That silly argument that she clearly won, turned intp flirting realtionship, which then turned into a few dates.  Those few dates resulted in a beautiful outdoor wedding in June, just 6 months removed from the first argument in ER.   I have never regretted one single day since I said "I do".   AsI tell her everyday, I was living life before you, but could not imagine life now without you.  She has been nothing short of everything I have ever dreamed of in a wife, a friend, a lover and soulmate.  I often think about that first smile she gave me after our first argument in that ER.  I wonder if she was smiling because she won that fight or because she was thinking what I was thinking....  I am going to marry her one day. Thanks for you time and allowing me to share our story.

Story #14 Submiited by Brandy Petitjean

Our Story Brandy & Brian:
I was attending a social get together in Louisville for the first time and was nervous about meeting so many new people. I sat at the first table I came to when I walked in. I met a few people and started conversations...idle chit chat and small talk. This one guy Aaron comes over and purposely sits down and strikes up a conversation; he's kinda cute in that could be bad boy way. About 15mins into our conversation a woman comes over and introduces herself and asks if I have met anyone. I told her only those at my table and she asks if I would like her to introduce me to everyone else. I said, “Yes, I would like that but I am a little nervous with so many people.” She grabs my hand and drags me from one side of the room to the other and introduces me to each and every person there which was like 70-80 people. As things were winding down and everyone is about to leave a couple walk up and ask if I was going to the party after-wards. I told them that I wasn't sure that this was my first meeting and felt a little like a fish out of water. Kay & Brian asked me to go and offered to show me around and keep me company until I was more comfortable and even offered to let me follow them to the new location. I found out that night that they weren't together but just friends who had carpooled and that Brian actually lived in Frankfort where I lived. Brian & I talked all that night and found out we had a lot in common and that I had actually messaged him on the group board earlier that day. So we exchanged phone numbers and I asked Brian out to dinner the next night. We went to Sonic for ice cream and he gave me his cherries off of his ice cream (I love cherries!) and we have been together ever since as much as single parents with children from previous relationships can be with hopeful plans of getting married on 12/24/12.

Story # 15 Submitted by Sandy Jump

This is the story of  how I met my husband, BJ, of 12 years. We had been working together at Kroger for some time.  I worked in the office and he worked the Uscan so we didn’t really know each other very well.

One year a group of my Kroger friends  planned a trip to Kings Island for my birthday. My fianceé, at the time, was going to join us.  The morning of our trip my fianceé was nowhere to be found, as usual. My friends were not going to let him bring me down yet again so we piled into a couple of cars and were on our way. 
I was a bit down as the day started but as the day went on the more fun I began to have.  My good friend had brought his friend BJ along with him. BJ was very quiet but there was something about him that got my attention.  I had a blast with him that day.  

I enjoyed making him blush every time I would talk to him.  At the end of the night when BJ dropped me off at my house I knew there was something about him that made me feel weird, I had butterflies. 
I tried to explain to my fianceé that we might need to take a break. He was not like BJ at all and told me that he could not let me do that. So the next couple of days he stayed by my side every step of the way, (Driving Me Crazy). 

One day at work BJ came to the office and said  “I really need to talk you”.  BJ and  I went to the break room where he stood shaking and studdering his words. He told me that he could  not stop thinking about me since Kings Island and he had never felt this way before. I melted because I was feeling the exact same way.  I knew what I had to do now!  I broke if off with num nuts and started seeing BJ and we have been together ever since.   
It was love at first sight!

Story # 16 Submitted by Crista Taylor

Hey Everyone at Star103.7,
I wanted to share the story of how my husband and I met. My name is Crista Taylor (formerly Clocker) and you won't believe how my husband and I met. I'm originally from the East Coast and my husband is originally from Pikeville, KY. We met in March of 2004 on our high school senior trips. At the time I was living in Virginia Beach, VA and attending a small Christian school. I had recently gone through the worst relationship experience a women can endure (I was taken advantage of sexually, raped) and had decided I was done with men. I has told everyone that I was never dating again unless God dropped a guy into my lap. Well, come the end of March 2004, I was still recovering emotionly but excited to be going with all my friends on our senior trip. We were going on a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas. I endured the 18hour bus ride with 63 classmates down to Florida and boarded the ship not knowing what was in store form me once aboard. Meanwhile, my husband's large public school from Pikeville, KY was heading to FL as well to board the same cruise. Once aboard we found out that another school was also on their senior trip! The first full day at sea me and 2 girlfriends decided to do an off ship activity. We met 2 girls from the Pikeville school during the activity and the 5 of us hit off. We spent the rest of the day hanging out and as the afternoon progressed one of the girls from the Pikeville school, named Kim, suggested that we met some of her guy friends at Karaoke Night. There was one guy in particular named Josh that she thought I would really hit it off with and at least become friends with. We all said sure and met up at Karaoke. Well, I had gotten a lot of sun and was acting really care free and crazy (like teenagers often do) and after having only talked to Josh for about an hour or so I decided to get up and sing to him. I sang the song "I'm so Excited" by the Pointer Sisters and every time it got to the part that say "I know I want you" I would point to Josh! It was quit crazy, but something about him caught my eye and wouldn't let me go! So that night, we spent up talking for hours and the next day I called my mom and said, "I found the one" but she didn't believe me! Well, we spent the rest of the cruise together! We were inseparable! Everyone from both schools heard all about it! At the end of the cruise we decided to try our luck at a long distance (very long distance) relationship with each other. It worked! After a month, I wanted to change my college choice to Georgetown College to be with Josh, but my parents convinced me to see how the relationship continued and try to get my 2 year degree before moving that far from home for a guy. So we saw each other once every 5 to 6 months for the first 2 years. Then I rushed to get my 2 year degree (finishing it in a year and half) and transferred out to Georgetown College to be with Josh! We dated all through college and talked several times of marriage, but as the end of our senior year approach I thought he was going to chicken out and not ask. To my surprise, he and I were nominated for his dorm's homecoming representatives. I just thought it was all his friends in his dorm's way of thanking him for being a cool RA. Well after being announced on the 50 yard line the announcer said and now Joshua has an important question to ask and I turned to look at him and he was on 1 knee purposing to me in front of a jam packed football stadium! Of course I said yes and the rest is history! Our relationship started out in a very unique way and times are very tough for us but we have each other and our love is strong and we know we can handle whatever life throws our way!

Story #17 Submitted by Jennifer Elliot

My name is Jennifer Elliott and this is how I met my husband…….
I was in the 6th grade at Elkhorn Elementary when I met Tony Elliott for the first time. It wasn’t until the 7th grade that we actually had a class together and became friends. As the years went on we continued to be friends, but nothing more.
The summer before my senior year of high school me and my boyfriend of two years had broke up. When I started school this did not go unnoticed by Tony. Around the middle of my senior year, Tony asked for my phone number in the back foyer of Franklin County High School. I politely told him “I’m sorry, I don’t have any paper”, he said “here is my notebook”, I quietly sighed and then said “I don’t have a pen”, my good friend Tonya spoke up and said “I have one”! Needless to say, I gave him my phone number. That night he called my house and told me how long he had liked me of course, I thought all of that was a bunch of wish wash until he said “do you remember the white t-shirt you had all your friends sign on the last day of school in the 7th grade”? I said, “I sure do and I still have it”. He said, “look on the back left side at the bottom and I will talk to you tomorrow”. After hanging up the phone, my mom and I quickly went to the hall closet to find the shirt. Once we found the shirt I told my mom to look at it first, then she showed it to me. Sure enough on the back left side at the bottom it read “Tony Loves Jennifer”.
After talking some more, we started dating on December 19, 1990. One day while dating Tony said “you know, I wrote you a note asking you to go with me in the 7th grade and you said maybe”, I quickly said “you did not, I would remember that” and we only mentioned here and there after that day. So after nearly two years of dating, we were married on November 7, 1992. After about five years of marriage I was cleaning out some of the remaining things at my mom and dad’s house when I came across the letter Tony had wrote asking me to go with him in the 7th grade and sure enough, I had wrote “maybe”.
He told a long time ago that “maybe” really meant “no”. Well, I say it just meant “not right now” because we’ve now been happily married for 18 years.

Story #18 Submitted by Bobbie Hodges

well.. we met when we were 8 years old .. yea at that age boys still had cooties... but we became best friend all through school then my last year in school I found out I was pregnant by him then by my decision I drifted away from him we had allot of ups and downs from other failed relationships but we did keep in touch and was always there for each other when bad things happen or we just needed someone to talk to we both always said we belonged together and it always seemed we never could catch each other being single at the same time until one day 12 years ago I had the restaurant at the national guard, and I just happen to walk out front and he was there he told me he had left the extremely big mistake he had made and was single, I shook his hand and said welcome to the singles club and laughed..  ever since that day we have been together and have been happily married, we have 4 children total ( 1 together 3 from previous relationships) and 3 grandchildren, I married my best friend and my true soul mate.

Story # 18 Submitted by Adam Finnell

In 2005 the house 3 doors down was sold to a lady with two sons that soon became friends with my son and daughter. At the time both of us were in a relationship with other people.
As our children got to know each other so did we as a parents. Within a year of knowing one another the relationships we were in with other people had ended and we both found each other being single at the same time.
Our children tried to get us to go on dates with one another, but neither of us were ready for anything like that, besides she thought I was a geek… no lie she actually had her best friend confirm this later on in years.
On the first day of 2006 it was snowing and my daughter wrecked my van in town, and was getting it towed back home. When my daughter called me the other teenagers and I were outside enjoying the snow, so they all heard our conversation. The news quickly got to my friend 3 doors down, so she called to see how things were going. We started talking about everything and for the first time we really got to know each other. That night we stayed on the phone talking until we had to get ready for work that morning. Our conversations weren’t as long the next night, and we were able to get some sleep, not long after that we were talking on her couch instead of the phone.
Now years later we are still together and still talking for long hours every day. Each of our children have different stories of how they were the ones that got us together, but honestly I think it was all of the above.
She fell in love with a geek and I fell in love with the lady 3 doors down.  

Story #19 Submitted by Carla Phillips

Bruce and I met while we were in-residence at a training program in Emporia, Kansas. A year later we both worked there on Staff. Bruce coordinated the Audio/Video/Telecommunications Depts. and I coordinated the Art, Floral, and Photography Depts. We were some of the only single people on Staff at the college.

It was Halloween night and we had spent the entire day prepping for a campus wide Halloween Costume Party. He had put together all the stage mics, music, and big screen videos and I had done all the decorating, event booths, and helped with stage & costume designs. Needless to say we were worn out after the party and clean up. We decided to go to town and have a cocktail together at a local club when we were done.

The club was having its own costume party and it was 2 for 1 drinks. Bruce ordered a Long Island Ice Tea- not knowing what those were- and thinking they sounded good-I like ice tea, I thought- I got the same. They brought us 4 drinks all at once.... that night he kissed me at the door to my apartment- i was obvious we weren't just co-workers anymore-our relationship had taken on a new dimension! That was our official 1st date. Sooo-We got married a year later on Halloween! And No- we don't dress up like bride and groom every year- but we do hand out candy together on our anniversary! This Halloween we'll celebrate 24 years!

Story # 20 Submitted by Angela Calloway

I just wanted to share a really neat story with you about me and my love of 27 months!    It's a story that we love to share with everyone!
Robert and I exchanged a couple of messages over a 3 week period of time after seeing one another on a dating site.   However, we were never able to catch one another at the same time, so didn't put a great deal of stock into the entire process of dating websites.  I finally took a leap of faith and sent "what's a girl gotta do to get your attention?" and gave him my number.  
He called and we hit it off immediately!   We talked over the phone for a week - all night phone conversations and made plans to meet that next weekend.   We did meet one another at Chili's on November 8th, 2008 and have been together ever since.  We go back to Chili's often and they tell us they need to put our pics on the bulletin board because that was the first place we met one another!  
BUT that's not all of the story.    One night we were going into Beef O' Brady's and he stopped outside to smoke and I asked, "why do you have to smoke outside here if you can smoke inside on the west side of town"?   Robert stopped and looked at me and said "where?"  I said, "I don't know the name of the place, but it's a bar that is inside a house".    He said "Moore's Point?"   I told him that I didn't really know because I was with my girlfriend and went with her to meet her husband there to watch the Kentucky game.   Robert stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me and said, "oh my God that was you.  You were there watching Kentucky play Kent State on September 13th" and I just looked at him in total shock.   After all here it was two months later!   He said "you walked through the door with another girl and stood there at the bar with a man (which was my girl friend's husband)."  He said "I couldn't figure out who was with him and was going to make my move at half time and you left."  He even told me "you had on jeans and a white Kentucky sweatshirt".  
I love that story and everytime I think about it my heart smiles.   We talk about it and say that my daddy and his momma made sure we found one another.  (I lost my daddy almost 7 years ago and he lost his momma 6 years ago, both of cancer). 
We've had a rough month with a lot of things beyond our control going on, but we love one another and know that we are intended to be with one another.   This would be a wonderful way to take and make that time for one another again!  
I hope you enjoyed our story!   

Story #21 Submitted by Sonya Green

On January 16th 2007, I met the man of my dreams. I was in a very bad relationship and was trying very hard to get away from the abusive man  I was with. He moved me away from my family, took my car and my phone so I would have no contact with my family. One day while he was at work I managed to get to a pay phone and called my bestfriend and asked her to come get me. So while he was at work I packed my things and left. When I came back to frankfort I stayed with my friend, a few days later she took me out to eat and there was this guy at the resturant that we was at. After I ordered my meal the gentalman came over to my table and started to tell me how beautiful I was and that he couldnt take his eyes off me. I said thank you very much and told him that I was trying to enjoy my meal with my friend. He asked me for my number and I told him no. Awhile went by and he came back to my table and asked for my number again I told him no that I was just getting out of a bed relationship and was not ready. About 4 days later I went to another friends house and this same guy was there, I though oh lord here we go again. Well by the end of the night I gave him my number. He called me several times for weeks and we talked for hours before he asked me to go on a date. On febuary 12th he called me and asked if I would be his Valentine thought that was sweet ( but wierd in a way), but I said yes. He never told me where we were going, he would just say that it was something special that a beautiful woman like myself deserves. He picks me up on feb 14th, he takes me to a hotel and my first instinct was what every guy has on his mind so I told him Im not that kind of girl. He said just trust me thats not what this is so we get to the room and he blind folds opens the door and walks me in, takes of the blind fold and there was a table set for 2 a candle lit dinner, champaign, dozen roses, the fire place lit, roses all over the place and a teddy bear . I was amagzed, nothing like that has ever been done like that for me. We talked all night until the sun came up. He asked me in the hours of talking to be his girl and promised he would ever mistreat me. We dated and It was a fairytail. On july 11th 2007 he asked me to marry him, I said yes, september 9,2007 we were married. He has to this day  treated me and my 3 childen with more respect then we have ever had. He has taken in 3 children that were not his and made them his. I owe the world to Bobby Green. I would love to be able to show him how much he means to me, this would help me do that.

Story #22 Submitted by Holly Willard

My boyfriend and I met in February 2007,  we were at an Elvis Impersonators
contest being held here in Frankfort and hosted by my mother.  I was there
helping my mom with the little behind the scenes things that needed to be
done, and she gave me a list of things to go get from her car. I was
heading down the hallway and wasn't paying much attention to where I was
going.....and BOOM...ran right into one of the contestants.  He was out in
the hallway listening to his headphones and getting ready for his turn on
stage and obviously wasn't paying attention either.  We ran smack dab into
each other.  I apologized and so did he.  I felt horrible that I'd just
mowed down one of the contestants.  I went on to get the things that my
mother had requested and when I rounded the corner, I saw the guy that I'd
run into earlier talking to her.  I just quietly slid up beside her and
dropped the things down on the table.  She then introduced me to the guy.
He just laughed and said that we'd already met....sorta. His name was really
Elvis and he was a contestant at the Elvis Impersonators contest.  Of
course, I was like everyone else, and had to ask if that was his real name.
He said that it was.  His dad was a huge Elvis Presley fan and so that's how
he got his name.  We chatted for a while until it was his turn to go up and
perform.  That was the last time we talked that night.  
 He talked with my mom and they decided he would come back down to do a show
for me for my birthday a few months later. A group of family and friends gathered together for my birthday, and he came down and he did a little show.
After the birthday show, we exchanged emails for a little while.  Just
friendly emails...since we were both involved with other people at the time.
Shortly thereafter, both our relationships failed and when he heard that I
was single, he decided that he wasn't going to let me go this time.  By this time, it was
a year after the day that we'd met.  We were once again at the Elvis
Impersonators contest in Febraury 2008.  He showed up this time, not as a
contestant, but as a spectator.  Later on, he informed me that he'd only
come down to see me.  We've been dating (long distance from Frankfort to
Cincinnati) since then.  

Story #23 Submitted by Jerry Milburn

The Story of How We Met.
On October 20th, 2003, I was setting at home, playing on my computer and I had my Yahoo IM up and I
saw a name come online that I had NEVER seen before, so I had no clue who it was. I clicked on the
profile and I saw a picture of the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen before and it said she was from
Lawrenceburg, KY. (I currently lived in Danville, KY).
I clicked on her name and said “HI” because I was thinking it was one of those “bot” profiles that try to
spam you and get you to go to a website. I got an answer and we started talking…a few hours later,
I asked her if she wanted to meet, it was about 11pm so most places were already closed.
She was a little nervous at first and asked me “What if you kill me or something?”. I answered “no worries,
all of my knives are in the shop getting repaired.”
After a few messages back and forth, she decided to drive 30-45 miles from Lawrenceburg to Danville
to meet me…the guy she had just started talking to a few hours ago and knew nothing about, which wasn’t very smart.
When I answered my door, it was truly love at first sight- I instantly fell in love with her.
There hasn’t been a single day since October 20th, 2003 that we haven’t seen each other; we had our
first kiss on October 22nd, 2003….got married on May 26th, 2006 and had our son on September 15th, 2006.
I honestly love her more and more every single day and still wonder how she got on my Yahoo IM to begin with.

Story #24 Submitted by Jessica Callis

I met the man I now call my husband many, many years ago when we attended Peaks Mill Elementary School together.  This was the old Peaks Mill location out in the sticks! J  We were in third grade and this “really cute” boy had a “fan club” of girls that followed him around the playground, me being one of them.  I remember coming home after school and telling my dad that I really liked him.  He was well known in our household, even though he probably didn’t even really know who I was!  I had even taken pictures of him (along with some of the other kids I attended school with) and had them in a photo album that I kept.  Me and the other girls would write him “love notes”.  I remember one of my friends giving him a note that mimicked George Straight’s country song, “Do you love me, do you want to be my friend?  And if you do, well then don’t be afraid to take me by the hand, if you want to.  I think this is how love goes, check yes or no.”  He checked yes, and my heart was broken. J  I continued to have a secret crush on him until I moved away and attended another school.
I moved outside of Franklin County in fifth grade and transferred to a different school system.  He and many of my friends that I had met through school in Frankfort were never seen or thought of again, until 2006 when I moved back to Frankfort after attending college at the University of Louisville.  My parents attended church regularly and always tried to get me to go with them.  I was young and more interested in sleeping in on Sunday mornings, so I very rarely attended with them.  One Sunday after church my mother came home and started to tell me about this “really cute” guy she wanted me to meet from church.  She described him, and I was rolling my eyes at her.  I couldn’t believe she was using a guy to try to get me to attend church!
Fate would have it that I finally joined them one Sunday morning only to discover that this “really cute” guy she had been using as a ploy was the same “really cute” boy that I had a major crush on in elementary school, except all grown up!   We became reacquainted that day at church, and we’ve been together since then.  I never dreamed he would become my husband, but he did, and this is our little “Fairy Tale Love Story”.
We would love to win the Valentine’s Day Package and/or the earrings from Star 103.7!

Story #25 Submitted by Erin Eagan

My husband and I met about 5 years ago.  We lived right next door to eachother in an apartment complex.  Alan always made a point to talk to me and flirt with me and I did the same with him.  I also had an 18 month old daughter at that time and he was really sweet to her.  All of his friends that would hang out at his apartment would always stare at me as I was walking to my car, and it was so awkward because they would quit talking! make the long story short, I ended up asking him out on a date because I wasn't sure if he was ever going to make the first move and I was very attracted to him.  I decided to take a leap and now we have been married for almost 3 years and we have a 3-year old little boy.  Our life is pretty hectic, so we don't get to go on very many "dates" with just the 2 of us so this would be a great gift to be able to share with my husband.

Story #26 Submitted by Andrea Gillis

Wes and I had crossed paths many times before we actually met.  He used to live down the street from my grandmother’s house here in Frankfort.  I used to go over with my brothers, sister, and cousins and we played all the time with the neighborhood kids.  Wes was one of them.  He and I had played together many times while growing up but never really met until we started middle school together.  I remember he had the cutest smile and was always very shy.  I guess I was to.  We were always nice and polite with one another, and spoke in passing but never really hung out together.  During this time he hung out a lot with my cousins and they rode dirt bikes together and got into all kinds of stuff but we still never really talked much other than polite but brief conversations.  As the years passed he and my cousins stopped hanging out and we never saw each other anymore.  Time passed and we both married other people.  Then in April of 2008 he found me on facebook and sent me an email asking me if I remembered him from school?  I emailed him back and said I sure do, how have you been?  We shared briefly with one another how things had been going.  He was married but I was single at the time.  We never spoke again until August of 2009 when I ran across that old email from last year.   Something told me to send him an email and ask him how things were going, so I did.  He replied back and after we chatted a bit, he told me that he was no longer married.  I expressed my apologies and we ended our conversation.   Then about a week before Halloween he sent me an email and we chatted briefly again.  Then he sent me another one a few days later and he asked me out.  I was hesitant as I had been hurt a lot in the past and had mixed emotions about it.  He asked me again and I had plans on that Friday night so I couldn’t.  Then after handing candy out on Halloween I ran to get something to eat.  When I returned I had a message to call him.  I called him back and he asked me out.  I said, yes!  We had a wonderful time and have been seeing each other ever since.  I told him I thought it was funny that it only took him 24yrs to ask me out and on my Mother and Fathers anniversary to boot.  But 16 months later I am still glad he did.  In September of 2010, he asked me to marry him.  So, never give up hope because you never know what time will have in store for you.  I have a wonderful man, his son and family in my life now and I wouldn’t trade them for nothing in the world. 

Story #27 Submitted by Dawn Mcdonald

I was working for a lending agency and Chris came in to make his payment.  My co-workers caught him checking me out and he asked for my phone number.  I forgot to give him my number on that visit and in fact he had to ask for it three times before I finally gave in and gave him my phone number.  Some time later he called and we talked on the phone for several hours, I told him everything there was to know about me and the conversation seemed effortless.  The next Friday he called me and asked me to go out on that Friday, I said you can't call a girl and ask her out for the same night, no I won't go out with you.  So the next Monday, he called and asked me out for the following Friday, I agreed to the date.  We went to dinner at Applebees and a movie (Payback with Mel Gibson) on February 26, 1999 and have been a match made in heaven ever since, we married 8 years ago and live near all our family with our four wonderful dogs. 
Thanks for sharing these stories

Story #28 Submitted by Michelle Noel

Alan and I met when we were about 8 years old at church. He was the quiet one that had no interest in girls and I was the talkative outgoing girl. We never really had any conversations other than about basketball. Alan had 2 brothers at the time and I had 1 brother so we would all get together and play basketball. After a few years of playing basketball together I realized that there was something there. I couldn't put my finger on it but there was definately something there. I found myself always thinking about him. I only got to see him on Sundays and Wednesdays because we attended different schools. When we were 14 or 15 his family switched churches and we lost touch. I always knew that somehow, someway God would bring us back together. The next time I saw Alan was in 2006, we both were grown adults. He was now the outgoing, talkative, attractive man that I knew he would be.I had found out that he was moving to Tennessee, I was devastated!  All of the feelings that I had when we were just young kids suddenly came rushing back, I knew that we were meant to be.  He moved to Tennessee and only stayed for a little over 6 months (thank goodness). He moved back to Kentucky and I didn't run into him again until October 2007. We began talking and sending emails to each other and we found out that we both wanted to be together, and well the rest is history! We have been together for 3 years and we are getting married on April 9, 2011. We have an adorable 18 month old little boy that we love dearly. Alan is the best thing that has ever happened to me! We do everything together, we are best friends! I love him with all of my heart!

Story #29 Submitted by Amanda Palmer

My husband and I actually lived across the street from each other in college for two years but never met.  Our doors faced each other, that's how close to each other we were.  Fast forward four years later and I see a guy on myspace that looks like a guy who used to date my sorority sister, so I friend him.  He deployed to the Dominican Republic for a Humanitarian Mission with the Marines; we kept in touch while he was gone.  When he returned two months later, we figured out his brother (who I thought he was) did date my sorority sister and that we knew all the same people but never met.  We were married in September 2009, and will have been together five years in May 2011.

Story #30 Submitted by Kayla Lee

I met my husband in Sunday School. He moved to Frankfort from Massachusetts in the Summer of 2005 and attended my high school. It was not until Spring that I met him. I grew up in Graefenburg Baptist Church, living just a mile away, and attended Sunday School and Worship service every Sunday of my life. On May 14th, Sunday School was a little bit different. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy entered the room and sat down next to me, I was enthralled to say the least. Until then, I never believed in the "Love at first sight" Hollywood story, but I am pretty sure thats what it was. He introduced himself, and the rest was just a blur. Just 6 days later we went out on our first date to Chakeres Theater and again attended church together the following morning, this Sunday we sat a little closer. Just one year into our relationship, Matthew graduated high school and enlisted in the US Marine Corps. Our second summer was spent apart, 3 months with only a letter here and there definitely made us appreciate each other a bit more. In May of 2009, Uncle Sam called to let us know Matt would be going to Iraq. The day after my high school prom he was gone, missing my graduation from high school and my first semester of college. Just before he left for Iraq we got engaged and have now been married for 6 months.
Deployments are an inescapable part of military life, and at this point its no longer a question of if he will be going but when he will be going. I really want this Valentine's Day to be special, as he may not be here for the next one. I hope you consider our love story. Happy Valentine's Day!

Story #31 Submitted by Pamela Robertson
My husband Tony and I met about 20 yrs ago at a good friends volleyball game. We didn’t get together though until September of 2007 when we both seen each other again at a KY Roadrunners Picnic in Monterey.   We danced most of the night. Before I left  he ask me for my number and called me a couple days later. He started  showing up where I was. We would go places and dance until we couldn’t dance anymore. We both ride Harleys and would go on long rides together.  I started getting really use to him being around and just didn’t know what to do when he wasn’t. I married my best friend on  September 13, 2008. He is a very sweet, loyal,  funny, loving,  friend and husband. He is a very hard working man that has served 22 years in the military and the other working around the farm. He now works and is very dedicated to his job for the Owen county Rd Department. He is a wonderful man and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

Story #31 Submitted by Elizabeth Dean

This valentine's day me and my husband will have our two year anniversery. I met him through a friend who was a consruction worker, working on our work place we have now. He said he had a friend for me to met, he saw me and thought i was pretty. He was from alabama and i was so scared. I have been hurt so bad in the past, cheated on, and i never wanted a broken heart again! I started talking to john who is now my husband. And we hung out and had alot in common. We clicked and then were boyfriend and girlfriend. I was wrong, he was mr. Right and i never thought so. I never thought i would marry. But, i guess God thought so. We married on valentine's day in 2009. And i have been happy ever since! We are not perfect, we fight. But, he takes care of me, loves me, and will do anything for me! We do not have alot, but i have his love and respect. I cannot lie by saying i do not want all those nice gifts you are giving out. But, i have the best gift, my
husband! I don't know what i would do without him! We were married on valentine's day, the day of love. I am a big romantic! So my husband is my best friend. I met him through a friend. And he said he had a friend for me who saw me and thought i was pretty. And i love telling this story to everyone who asks me. It just shows you that love is so real, and it can happen to you. A love that is honest, true, and pure.

Story #32 Submitted by Regina Ramirez

Salsa and Love
My husband and I met each other, just like you see in the movies, we saw each other across a crowded room.  It can happen, believe it or not!
Here’s the story…….My best friend had talked me into taking dance lessons.  We took A LOT of classes, met a lot of great people, and had a lot of fun.   We got to the Latin dance section of the training program and we both loved it.   The teacher told us to go and practice at a local Latin club called Padrisimo’s.  We got up or nerve to go there to try it out, and it was fantastic! 
I had been going to Padrisimos for about 3 months, when suddenly …………………………………………….
across a crowded room…………………………………………………………
“we”(my husband and I) made eye contact!
We are both super short, in the 5 foot tall area, so it was a miracle we could have made eye contact in such a crowded place.   I would see glimpses of his head bobbing through the crowd as I sat up on a stool at our table.  
 Both of us were so shy, we would just smile and wave, for about a month.  Then he got the nerve up to ask me to dance.  And the rest is history.  We have been dancing ever since.  When we got married we stopped in the middle of our wedding vows and danced because that is what brought us together.   Now our two year old, little boy, dances with us in our living room, he is learning to Salsa too!   I love them both so much!

Story #33 Submitted by Brichelle Hall
My husband and I met at work.  We actually sat across the hall from each other and it started out as just a friendship. Then after a few months of flirting and fun he asked me out on a lunch date.  That is when we knew had something special between us.  What was so funny about the situation was that we didn’t tell anyone we worked with that we were dating and as we would go to lunch or break together our co-workers would try to catch peaks at us to see if we were in fact together.   However, word soon got out and we were named the “cutest couple” in our Department.    After 8 months of dating he asked me to marry him and we have been happily married for 7 years  - as a matter of fact it will actually be 8 years this May.   He is my soul mate and I hope to have many more wonderful years with him.