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Mickey Mouse will soon be taking over the world! Disney has acquired George Lucas‘ Lucasfilm Ltd for $4 billion and plans to release Star Wars: Episode 7 in 2015. But their long term goal is to release a brand new feature every 2-3 years from then on,  continuing the Star Wars franchise FOREVER!!!

The Octomom has checked into rehab. Her rep says, "Nadya wanted to get off the Xanax she was prescribed by her doctor and learn to deal with her stress, exhaustion and anxiety with professional help with a team of doctors. Nadya wanted to deal with her issues and make sure she is the best mother she can be.”

Simon Cowell wants to be frozen when he dies. He says, ''I think it's a good bet - because my belief is in years to come they will unfreeze you and you will be alive again. I think it will happen. There is only one problem that I didn't realize - when you're frozen they cut your head off. So if I'm alive, I might just be a floating head in the future. I'm still going to do it. I've been in discussions with the company, yes.''

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10/31/2012 6:21AM
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