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What would happen if you stood up for an entire month?

Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? With some studies suggesting that those who sit 11 hours per day are 40 percent more likely to die within three years, more and more sedentary office-worker types have taken to "standing desks" and other gizmos that encourage them to spend more hours on their feet. But what would actually happen if you tried standing up for an entire month? New York writer Dan Kois embarked on such an experiment, allowing himself only to sit when driving or using the toilet (plus lying down to sleep). Here are some of his observations and findings:
  • His calves and heels ached like never before, but he lost five pounds in a month.
  • He no longer felt the need for a mid-afternoon nap, but felt wiped out by early evening.
  • He started taking short walks when he wanted a break from work, instead of sitting at his computer and surfing the Internet.
  • He found it more difficult to socialize and interact with his kids at meals, storytimes, etc.

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06/10/2014 4:48PM
What would happen if you stood up for an entire month?
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