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I DRIVE A PICKUP TRUCK...WHAT DO YOU DRIVE (answer the poll at the bottom)?

Classic Sedan: If you drive a Honda Civic it shows that you care about the environment. This sedan gets 28/39 miles per gallon on the highway with its Eco-Assist fuel-optimizing technology. You’re also a creative, savvy and a cost-conscious buyer. And don’t think for a minute that the Civic is bland. On the 2012 Civic LX you can personalize how information is displayed on the screen, customize the screen's color and even choose you own wallpaper.

Luxury Sedan: You go for creature comforts and you’re not shy about asking for what you want. You value elegant design and bespoke details. The Lexus LS sedan speaks your language. It offers climate-controlled seats, an all-LED interior lighting system that illuminates to greet the occupants and dims like theater lights, and an available Ottoman Seating Package with Shiatsu Massage for backseat passengers. The interior is offered in five color schemes from Ivory to Saddle Tan and wood choices include: Walnut, Shimamoku Espresso (a striped wood), Matte Brown Bird’s Eye Maple and an eco-friendly Bamboo wood trim.

Minivan: You’re the Mom who seems to manage family, career and home with grace and a sense of humor. You don’t try to be super mom realizing that you just can’t do it all. Your style is casual chic, and you don’t want to worry about whether or not your car is safe for your family. That’s why you picked the three-row, six-passenger Mazda5 crossover. It has a top safety rating, yet at the same time, doesn't skimp on the zoom zoom fun factor.

Pick-Up Truck: You’re strong, feminine and enviably self-assured. You can muck out a stall, go to a PTA meeting and host a charity event all in the same day. The bottom line -- the Ford F-150 boasts three decades of being a pick-up truck leader. But we’re talking luxury. The 2013 Ford F-150 Limited design sits on 22-inch polished aluminum wheels with a monochromatic exterior theme played out in metallic Ruby Red, Tuxedo Black or White Platinum. The cabin features cooled and heated red and black full-grain leather-trimmed seats with second row heated seats.

Luxury SUV: You just can’t help it, style is everything to you. You like clean, simple, contemporary lines on almost everything. Black plays heavy in your sartorial choices, meaning you default to a black t-shirt over a cheerier chartreuse number. The BMW X5 is a capable off-road vehicle, but few owners have ever left pavement, except perhaps to meander over the gravel drive of an equestrian center. You’re elegant and appreciate quality materials. And you can’t deny you like BMW’s snob appeal just a little.

Electric Car: You’re a forward thinker, a technology whiz and strongly opinionated on anything eco. On top of all this, people like YOU. Your friends all want to ride in your LEAF because, after all, this high-tech car has a 100% electric motor which translates to no tailpipe emissions, not one drop of gas, no more oil changes, and up to 100 miles on a single charge.

Compact Car: You’re fun, but not silly. You like cute, but not cutesie. You chose the Ford Focus because it seats five, has a practical and easy-to-load hatchback trunk, and is small enough to park just about anywhere. You’re the kind of gal who saves her money and wants value in everything she buys.

Micro Sub-Compact Car: The world’s smallest four seater is all about minimalist design. No doubt about it, you are a savvy city girl with a high IQ. Your blog features tidbits like where to get the best Chapchae (Korean noodles!), how to score vintage cowgirl boots, finding a tattoo parlor that gives pedicures and a nightclub that screens the latest indie movies.

Roomy Sedan: You’re a no-nonsense, confident, conservative and sophisticated shopper who does her research. You think before you buy and acquire classic items that will last a lifetime. You want the best for your money and aren't willing to put up with shoddy quality. The Toyota Camry comes with armloads of accolades including Top Safety Pick 2012 (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety), the Best Selling Car in America and the Car with the best resale value. Needless to say the Camry sips 25/35 miles per gallon.

Economy Car: You’re always looking for adventure and fun and appreciate funky style. You love to shop in consignment stores for furniture you can refurbish and you enjoy hiking on weekends. One of your favorite pastimes: sipping wine and laughing with your best girlfriends. The Beetle with its 19” alloy wheels, color matched dashboard, customized interior lighting and updated vintage shape is a match for you.

Classic Sedan
( 26% )
Luxury Sedan
( 5% )
( 16% )
Pickup Truck
( 5% )
Luxury SUV
( 16% )
Electric Car
( 0% )
Compact Car
( 16% )
Micro Sub-Compact Car
( 5% )
Roomy Sedan
( 11% )
Economy Car
( 0% )


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09/18/2012 11:23AM
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