Valentine's Dream Date Stories

Story #1

Submitted by Valery Perkins

My Valentine Day started off good, but ended up a disaster! It was a trip to Tennessee with a dozen orange roses as a hint for the trip. But, the hotel he picked was so nasty that I had to use a blanket to walk on the floor and there was dust/webs on the walls and bed frame. The hotel was so nasty, that I couldn't believe that a couple just got married and stayed at this hotel. I told my fiance that he better not bring me to a hotel like this, when we get married! And outside the hotel was a creek that had alot of ducks that quacked different times of the hours, to where you could hear them in the room. Then he took me out to eat and I found hair in my food. OMG! Sunday we headed back and got caught in a accident and had to sit in traffic for an hour or more. And when I went to pick up my son, he was running a high fever and getting sick to his stomach. That was a unforgettable Valentine's Day for me!

Story #2

Submitted by Misi Alexander

I had been dating this guy for several months and he said he wanted to take me to the lake to watch the sunset on Valentines Day, I thought that was very sweet and romantic. We were on our way when a truck load of guys flagged us down, he got a panicked look on his face and said, "you are my cousin from Michigan." I was fired up. I KNEW he had a girlfriend back home and THESE guys probably knew it. After they left we drove around for what seemed like forever and he FINALLY stopped and said I guess we need to think, I said. He didnt say a word just lifted the lid to the middle console and there in the bottom, laid his WEDDING BAND!!! That was the WORST Valentines Day I ever had!!

Story #3

Submitted by Bill Lane


Story #4

Submitted by Erin Eagan

My Valentine's date started off really good, but ended badly. This guy took me to a nice restaurant buy at the end of the meal told me he forgot his wallet! I ended up paying for our $60.00 meal. What an awful night!

Story #5

Submitted by Rachel F.

I love my husband but he lacks on gift giving. Every year I see coworkers get flowers and candy every year and hear their stories. While I go home to nothing. It's DEPRESSING!

Story #6

Submitted by Danielle Russell

Last year was my husband and I's first anniversary. Instead of being able to enjoy the night with each other we sat around waiting for our first son to be born.....which didn't happen. Our son was born 6 days later and all I got was to eat at Johnny Carino's, which don't get me wrong I love, but I was so big at this point I couldn't eat much!!

Story #7

Submitted by Kelly

I had to work but before I left, my husband gave me 6 roses and told me that he would pick me up for dinner. To my surprise, dinner was McDonald's drive thru and when I got home I only had two roses. When I asked what happened to them, he told me that his father forgot about Valentines Day so he took 4 of my roses so his dad had something to give his mother.

Story #8

Submitted by Christy Spencer

He was late picking me up. He took me to get pizza to eat and it wasn't very good. Then we went to see the movie Kingpin and it was terrible! He didn't even get me candy or flowers or even a card!

Story #9

Submitted by Rebecca Hoover

Having someone break up with you on Valentines day is maybe the wrost time of the year. No call no warning nothing, had his best friend tell me

Story #10

Submitted by Kathryn Pearl

My boyfriend and I had planned to go out to eat and have a nice dinner. While we were enjoying our dinner all of a sudden my boyfriends ex girlfriend walks over to the table. She proceeds to tell him that she had just recently broke up with her boyfriend and just keeps talking to my boyfriend like we werent trying to have a nice valentine's dinner. Then the worst part he asked her who she was with and she said she was there by herself. So he told her that she could sit and eat dinner with us. Are you serious? Needless to say my boyfriend and i never had a dinner together again.

Story #11

Submitted by Cynthia Brooks

I would love to have the worse story, but unfortunately I have never been on a Valentines date.

Story #12

Submitted by Lisa Kirk

A getaway to Tn. Driving home from work & had an accident. My car was totalled. Took our motorcylce to TN. Got stopped by police. Found out there was a strict helmet law. He had to buy me a really expensive helmet at the Harley Davidson store. We were never so happy to just get home.

Story #13

Submitted by Sammy Denney

There was this huge ice storm on Valentine's Day 1984. The weather was horrible, school was canceled, and the roads looked like ice rinks. I went out and bought my girlfriend a dozen roses from the mall, and as I was walking to my car, I thought to myself that it wasn't enough. I had to buy her something more. So I went back into the mall, and I went to Hallmark and bought her the whitest, fluffiest teddy bear you have ever seen. I arrive at her home shortly thereafter, as I got out of my car I stepped on some black ice and I went flying up in the air. As I was in mid-air, I shifted my body so I could save the teddy bear from getting dirty. I landed on my back, and my right foot got caught underneath me. I sprained it really bad. I thought it was broken. The roses I had were totally crushed, and the teddy bear had mud all over its fluffy head. I showed up to my girlfriend's door with a limp, mud all over my clothes and her teddy bear with a dozen crushed roses. Isn't that romantic? She must have seen something in that muddy little bear because we got married the following year and are still happily together today.

Story #14

Submitted by Alexandra May

My boyfriend broke up with me the same day as the BIG Valentine party. The problem is that I lived with him and had no where to go. But he asked later if I was going to get ready for the party. So I went ahead and got ready. In fact, I dressed in the most awesome dress I had and made sure I had it, if you know what I mean. I went with him to the party. Everyone kept coming up saying how lucky I was and calling Mrs. ... (name withheld). All I could do was stand there looking stupid. So I finally went outside and called my sister. All she did was fuss at me for even going. I ended up having to endure 5 more hours of that. All I really wanted to do was scream! When we got home, I headed for the sofa. He had the nerve to say, "Aren't you coming to bed?" I just went on and forced myself to go to sleep for the night.

Story #15

Submitted by Rayna Warford

My worst Valentine's Day has to be the night I went out with a friend. I was single and she was actually dating someone at the time, but her boyfriend was working or something that night and couldn't go out. So because we were alone for the night, we decided to go out to eat and sulk. We had a good time, and were trying to figure out what to do after our meal, when she asked if it would be okay if she could visit her boyfriend's uncle who was at Bradford Square nursing home. I didn't mind, so we went. We were there for THREE HOURS! When we left (finally), it was so late that we couldn't do anything. She's still a good friend of mine, but we haven't gone out together since.

Story #16

Submitted by Alan Eagan

I had been dating this girl for a couple years. We went to a nice restaurant and I asked her to marry me. I was almost certain she'd say yes, but I got rejected! That was the worst Valentine's that I'd ever had!

Story #17

Submitted by Greg Richardson

My girlfriend hit a curb and bent her rim at 6:00. By the time I found someone to fix the rim and I put it back on/showered it was 10:30. Instead of the nice restaurant which I had reservations for with flowers/candy we ate at Steak N Shake.

Story #18

Submitted by Tonya Davis

V day is my favorite non holiday of the year. I was asked out and two hours before we were to go out he called and asked if I could pick him up. I went to pick him up and he got in the car and I asked where are we going and he said I don't know where are we going. We sat in his MOMs drive way for 20 min before I asked him to get out and I went home and spent V-day alone. He was a real winner.

Story #19

Submitted by Ashley Austin

There was this guy that was older than I was who wanted to date, he had asked me to be his Valentine, I wasn't attracted to him at all so I told him no.My bestfriend who was there with me dared me to go out on the date with him, so I called him back and told him I would go with him. He said he had a suprise for me. He came and picked me up had roses in hand at the door we drove to his house where we had a candle light dinner with rose pettles every where he was super sweet.We sat and talked as we had a yummy steak dinner.I then started telling him that I was actually starting to like him and I could see pass the looks and I wanted to persue the relationship farther. He then gave me a box, the box was wrapped with wrapping paper that had his name on it, inside was a nighty.I told him I was ready to go home after recieving that as a gift. He tried to talk me in to staying, I called my friend to come and get me. As I was leaving his house he informed me that, that was all he wanted any ways. It was the worst Valentines Day ever.

Story #20

Submitted by Manilla Hedges


Story #21

Submitted by Dawn McDonald

My mom spent weeks making a black velvet outfit for me to wear to my first homecoming dance. Valentine's Day, the day of the dance rolls around and my date was a no show. When I called, he dumped me. All dressed and ready to go, I was completely devastated.

Story #22

Submitted by Mandy Hayden

I dated someone once and told him I wanted flowers and a dinner date for Valentines Day. He bought me the cheapest bouquet the store had. They were a $8 bouquet of weeds. Then he took me to Taco Johns. I got mad and we broke up on Valentines Day.

Story #23

Submitted by Kyle Parman

I was dating this girl and on our way to the restaurant, I got a flat tire. That was bad enough, but then when we finally got to the restaurant which we had reserved, we found out they gave our table to someone else. We just spent it at home eating a bologna sandwich.

Story #24

Submitted by Jason Taylor

My girlfriend has a pretty embarrassing date story but is to shy to put her story up. She did say I could enter this contest and tell her story though. I figured since she would be benefitting from all of the gift package it seemed like a cool idea. Well, before we met she went on a blind date. Her friend set her up with a guy who they thought she would like. They went to the casino to have a little fun. A couple hours into the date she wanted to take a little risk and play on the roulette table. He insisted that because he was her date she should let him give her some money to play roulette with. He gave her a $20 bill and told her she should bet all of it on one long shot space on the roulette table (long shot being not black or red or even or odd). So she did. And she won... won $400 on a $20 bet. She went straight to the cashier and cashed out that $20 bet. He was so excited and asked to see her winnings. she handed him the money and he put it right in his pocket. She said, "Hey what are you doing with my money?" And he said, "we'll have a good time spending it." A little bit later he asked her to hold his beverage and before she realized what was going on, his coat was flying across her face and he was getting in a fight with another guy at the casino. They got kicked out of the casino. She had to ride back with the jerk. And he kept the money she won on the roulette table. What a horrible date huh?

Story #25

Submitted by
Andrea Edwards

Our first Valentine's Day never really happened. Two weeks prior, we were basically homeless due to power outage from ice storms. We moved Valentine's Day. This year, he's working 2nd shift Valentine's Day. We would love a real Valentine's Day together,even if not on the 14th.