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Valentine's Day Will Be Here Before You Know It



1) Liquor or wine with a personalized label. Look online for sites offering design-your-own labels for bottles, and make a big splash with a gift of an affordable beverage (alcoholic or not) in a beautiful bottle of your choosing. The label can include a favorite picture of the two of you together, from right there at, "chateau our house."
2) Framed pictures for the office. For cubicle and office-dwellers, a few personalized mementos help make the work environment warmer. Find a picture your spouse especially loves and have some prints made for a nice frame you've chosen. Or make it more special with a his-and-hers matching pair, so you always have the same view at the office.
3) Equipment for hobbies. If you're married to an avid gardener, put together a basket of nice work gloves, a trowel and seeds they like. If your spouse is a beer lover, many online stores offer complete homebrew beginner's kits. For the culinary enthusiast, a cooking class might be an affordable entry into a new style of cuisine.
4) Plant a tree. This is a great way to say that you're in it for the long haul with your spouse. A well-placed tree can not only be a symbol of your enduring love, but as it grows, it can provide shade in the summer and reduce your cooling bills. A fruit or nut tree can provide annual harvests for years to come for couples looking for really local food, and in the fall, nothing beats a pile of leaves for the kids to jump around in (and gives you a chance to parentally explain that raking builds character!)
5) Plan an adventure. Whether your budget allows extravagant gifts or encourages something more low-key, you can still make great memories. Pack a picnic basket with food, drink and romantic notes or poems and hike with your spouse to a scenic spot. Or take a day trip nearby spots like a river or lake. Look for affordable canoe rentals and spend the day on the water, with a leisurely romantic picnic on some "unexplored" beach or island. You may be able to find some great ideas by visiting www.greatdatedeals.com

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01/31/2013 3:57PM
Valentine's Day Will Be Here Before You Know It
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