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Usher-Bruce Willis-Al Roker

Only a year after his former stepson was killed in a freak jet ski accident, Usher nearly lost his son Monday in a pool accident. Five-year-old Usher Raymond V saw a toy lying on the pool drain. When he dove down to get it, his arm got stuck in the drain and he could not break free. His aunt and maid dove down, but still could not break the boy loose. Fortunately, two audio-visual contractors working in the house heard the screams and were able to free the child. They administered CPR and rushed him to the hospital. Thankfully, Usher Raymond V was "conscious, alert and breathing" and doctors think he'll be okay.

Sylvester Stallone slammed Bruce Willis on Twitter yesterday, calling him "greedy" and "lazy." It started with Stallone tweeting about Expendables 3: "Willis Out, Harrison Ford In. Great News! Been waiting years for this!" Sly didn't stop there. He then sent out a tweet, "Greedy and lazy. A sure formula for career failure." His rep soon confirmed the insult was directed at Willis. The Red 2 star has appeared in the previous two Expendables, and had been slated for Expendables 3. 

Al Roker overslept yesterday and missed his Weather Channel show, 'Wake Up with Al'. He Tweeted: "After 39 years, it happened. I overslept and missed a show. So tell me your oversleeping story." His co-workers made fun of him.

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08/07/2013 6:15AM
Usher-Bruce Willis-Al Roker
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