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Twitter's 16 Best Government Shutdown Pickup Lines

  • With a government shutdown now a reality, it's a bit harder to have a sense of humor about Washington's decision to stop paying hundreds of thousands of federal workers, shut down national parks and otherwise hamper the everyday lives of Americans. Luckily, Twitter can inject some laughter into an otherwise unfunny situation thanks to its new hashtag, #shutdownpickuplines. Here are 16 of Huffington Post's favorites. Who knew there were so many jokes to make out of the word "furlough?"

    • Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I'm on furlough, so call me, maybe?
    • Unlike some branches of government, I will always listen to you.
    • You should furlough that zero and appropriate this hero.
    • Where have you been sequestered all my life?
    • The library is closing, mind if I check you out instead?
    • Do you work for the government? Because you shut. It. Down.
    • My resolution continues ALL NIGHT.
    • Baby, I let the government shut down so I could spend the whole day with you.
    • Hey girl, I'm not a doctor and you don't have health care... but I'll check you out any time.
    • NASA is losing 97% of its funding, and I am losing 97% of my inhibitions.
    • You're essential to me.
    • Hey girl, I've got a budget to spend by midnight, and we're both off work tomorrow.
    • Congress might be closed, but we can always have a caucus at my place.
    • You down for some Four-Score play at the Lincoln Memorial? It's unguarded.
    • Let's go back to your House.
    • Hey girl, how about we just lay furlough tonight and watch reruns of The West Wing.

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10/01/2013 3:06PM
Twitter's 16 Best Government Shutdown Pickup Lines
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