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Top 10 Movies People Walked Out On

Top 10 Movies People Walked Out On from xfinity.comcast.net

10. 'The Wicker Man' User thoughts: "Hands down the WORST movie ever."

9. 'A Clockwork Orange' User thoughts Why they walked out: "Not because it was a bad movie, but because I was a sissy then."

8. 'Last Tango In Paris' User thoughts Why they walked out: "I never even made it to the famous butter scene; the flick was so pretentious and dull that my then-boyfriend and I actually started folding a piece of notebook paper into intricate paper cranes and fighter jets.

7. 'Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' User thoughts: 'Dead Man's Chest' stunk to high heaven. It should have been called 'The Kraken' instead of 'Dead Man's Chest.'

6. 'Eyes Wide Shut' User thoughts Why they walked out: "It was overindulgent actors/directors trying to dictate 'art.'"

5. 'Ishtar' User thoughts: "Hoffman and Beatty must have been beyond desperate when they made this one."

4. 'The English Patient' User thoughts Why they walked out: "It was terrible! I can't believe all the raves it got. Boring!" Also, "Have you EVER tried to watch 'The English Patient' all the way through? A great opportunity for a nap."

3. 'The Exorcist User thoughts' Why they walked out: "When I was a child, I got real queasy and had to leave the theater when Linda Blair was being tested and had a needle stuck in her neck."

2. 'Leaving Las Vegas' User thoughts Why they walked out: "How this thing won academy awards is beyond me! Neither character had any redeeming qualities. They both died in the end. And I left thinking I would never get that two hours of my life back.

1. 'Natural Born Killers' User thoughts: "What a weird and disgusting movie!!!! We didn't even make it through half the movie. We couldn't take anymore.

Survey: "What movie have you walked out on?"

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06/28/2012 4:46PM
Top 10 Movies People Walked Out On
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06/28/2012 4:51PM
Reservoir Dogs
Disgusting! Who wants to watch torture, even if it's fake?
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