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The First 8 Dates of Every New Relationship

My girlfriends and I have noticed that men no longer seem to ask us out for dinner... They always hit you up with a text or facebook message that reads, "Hey, wanna grab a drink sometime?"
I've figured out this is the low pressure (and also low cost) way for a guy to get to know you without investing tons of money up front. If drinks are successful, then you'll get an invite to dinner at a new trendy locale - someplace known for its coolness and again, not too expensive.

The third date is usually someplace fun (and still low-pressure) but, off the beaten path. He may ask you out to a sporting event, the dog park or someplace similar.

Imagine my surprise when I came across the - 

Chances are, more than a few of these will sound familiar to you too:
  • Phase 1: Drinks... 
  • Phase 2: Moderately Priced Dinner... 
  • Phase 3: Kooky Date You can't keep doing dinner and drinks, so you go on a picnic, get ice cream, go to a concert, etc.  
  • Phase 4: Brunch Date This makes things feel more like a "real" relationship because you finally see each other during the daytime.
  • Phase 5: Movie Date You watch a movie at one of your place's so that you can talk and cuddle rather than silently sit in a theater.
  • Phase 6: Non-Bar Drinks Date At this point, you start having drinks at friends' get-togethers and not just going to bars one-on-one.
  • Phase 7: Take Her Out of Her Comfort Zone Date. This is a step further than the "kooky date." Ideas include haunted houses, go-carts and a gun range.
  • Phase 8: Reveal Your True Self Date. You can only pretend to be an amazing, flawless person for so long. This is the day you watch TV all day and get up only to answer the door to get your food takeout delivery.
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05/23/2014 6:46PM
The First 8 Dates of Every New Relationship
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