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PLAY OREGON TRAIL!! 2000+ Old School MS-DOS FREE To Play

I know what I'll be doing tonight. To ford the river, or not to ford the river??

I'm so excited about this! Maybe too excited. I haven't played the original 'Oregon Trail' in years. Click the link and you can play a bunch of old school games for free and you don't have to download any software or anything. Have fun!

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23 Times Rachel From 'Friends' Perfectly Captured Life In Your 20s

  • That awful moment when you get your first paycheck and find out how little of it you get to take home.
  • Knowing that alcohol is the only way you'll get through an awkward social situation.
  • When you and your roomie have a fight and start acting like passive-aggressive 5-year-olds.
  • When you think you're acting sexy, but you're really just making a fool of yourself.
  • That moment when you realize you're actually exhausted with your single life.
  • When you constantly have to use your parents as an ATM.
  • Thinking there's something wrong with you because you're still single.
  • The emotional blow you feel when you find out your BFF is hanging out with your frenemy.
  • When you come to the realization that you'll never fully get over your ex.
  • When you leave what you think is an empowering voice mail, but is really just a drunken rant.

CLICK HERE for the full list from Buzzfeed.
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