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Surviving Valentine's Day

How to Survive Valentine's Day from


Whether you're single or taken, here's advice for getting through the most-hyped holiday of the year:

Since he can't read your mind, let your partner know exactly what gift would make your heart sing. Just send him a website link. You both win: You'll be thrilled and he gets the applause.

Cook for him. Preparing a special meal is like foreplay, and feeding someone is an act of love. Even better, cook together.

If you're single, watch a movie like Dirty Dancing or Sleepless in Seattle and drink plenty of red wine. If you're in a relationship, don't expect the most romantic night of your life. When he does something really sweet, you'll appreciate it more.

Buy your own chocolate! But not from the drugstore — go someplace decadent like Godiva and spend $30 on a box of the good stuff. It's so luxe to treat yourself.

Drink a really good bottle of pink champagne. As a single woman, it will help make all those hand-holding couples appear almost as cute as they think they are. If you're hitched, it will help you forget that your husband canceled your dinner plans to work late.

Make someone's day by sending an anonymous Valentine. Mail it to a friend, cousin, or neighbor — anyone who could use a little love, which is most everyone!

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02/04/2013 6:00PM
Surviving Valentine's Day
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