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What's in Your Wallet?

Roughly 80 percent of all Americans carry less than $50 in their wallet at any one time, according to a new poll by Bankrate.com. Furhtermore, almost half carry $20 or less, while 9 percent don't carry any cash at all and only 7 percent tend to walk around with $100 or more in their billfolds. One explanation for this lack of shoe-leather liquidity could be that 27 percent of Americans are essentially living paycheck to paycheck. "In that situation, not only is money very tight, but you need every bit of it to pay the bills," Bankrate's chief financial analyst tells The Washington Post. "So you can’t afford to be tucking away a spare 20 in your wallet."

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05/13/2014 3:06PM
What's in Your Wallet?
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