Which celebrity is due next for a stint in rehab? Mathematics guru Garth Sundem has devised a formula, first published in The Huffington Post. His belief is that Hollywood’s drug and alcohol problems usually stem from growing up in a broken home, starting too young in show business, too many tattoos, and hanging out with the infamous Lindsay Lohan. Sundem factors in these traits to predict which celebrities are on the fast-track to rehab.

To no one’s surprise, he is confident that Lindsay Lohan is due for rehab (yet again). However, Sundem’s formula has her making 3 separate trips, but even before her 25th birthday (last week) Lindsay has visited rehab 5 separate times, only to be released and prove she hasn't learned her lessons.

Other results from Garth Sundem:

  • Selena Gomez is scheduled for rehab based solely on her parents divorce at an early age
  • Entertainers who are in the “danger zone” because they’re due for a(nother) trip to rehab include EminemCory Monteith, and Nicole Richie
  • Who is predicted never to need rehab? How about Taylor SwiftMiley Cyrus,Rihanna, and Kristen Stewart. Many people question Rihanna who always seems to be teetering toward rehab. Just this week she has Tweeted: "Sometimes, ya just need a stiff cocktail--