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  • For people like me that struggle working out for long periods of time because it's either too boring or you just can't last extremely long, this new study give me some hope! I HATE working out for forever but I was under the impression that it was neccesary in order to see results so I couldn't be happier that I can possibly cut time at the gym! Here's the scoop...

    A new study has found that people who exercised for just 30 minutes a day lost a third more weight than those who worked out for an hour a day. Scientists believe the shorter workouts left subjects with more energy and motivation to live healthier lifestyles. "The subjects.... that exercised the least talk about increased energy levels and a higher motivation for exercising and pursuing a healthier everyday life," said study author Dr. Astrid Jesperson of the University of Copenhagen. "They take the stairs, take the dog for an extra walk and cycle to work."

    -And here's a little workout for getting some killer legs that's under 30 minutes or less!

    This is a workout I used to use when I was pressed for time. However, now I use it all the time as it has been working so well. Remember ladies, train with heavy weights, you won’t get big legs:

  • 1. Start with a five minute warm up of riding, running and a bit of light squats using just your body weight.

    2. Squats – Using a medium heavy bar bell in a squat rack do 3 sets of 10 reps.

    3. Jumping Squats – Perform 3 sets of jumping squats til failure and having as little rest as possible in between sets.

    4. Dumb bell lunges – Holding two heavy dumbells pump out 3 sets of lunges til failure. Go slow and be easy on the kness.

    5. Wide legged squats – Using no weight pump out as many wide legged squats as you can as fast as you can. This is a great way to finish off the workout if you have a bit of energy left.

    Remember to keep adding weight each time you go to do this workout. If you consistently add weight and keep your form correct then you will progress quickly :) Happy less-sweating!


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09/24/2013 6:23PM
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