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Mindy's Mouth

Mindy's Mouth

During a recent interview with Big Boy TV, Jennifer Lopez was asked a hilarious hypothetical question regarding two of her former lovers. "You're on a raft in the middle of the ocean and you look in the ocean, you see two people floating," host Big Boy said. "You can only pull up one because that's how much room you have on the raft. You look in the ocean, you see Ben Affleck and you see Diddy." JLo erupted with laughter before yelling out, "I'd let both those motherf**kers drown!" She quickly followed up with, "That's terrible! I'm just joking! Ben, Puffy, you know I love you. You know that. They know it."

Amanda Bynes continues to show signs that she's recovering nicely from her mental-health issues, and now she's taken her new outlook on life online. After returning to Twitter late last month, Bynes posted a pencil-sketched self-portrait to the site Monday, which she simply captioned, "New sketch." The stunning drawing shows her looking serene and healthy--as does her new profile picture, which shows her wearing no makeup and a gray sweatshirt. Bynes also changed her Twitter profile information from "Your Wife" to "Fashion Student" now that she's studying at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Comedian and television host Chelsea Handler tends not to sugarcoat things. In her chat with Piers Morgan, Handler expressed some indignation at the host’s conduct during a commercial break. Turns out he was tweeting. “In the middle of the commercial break, I want your viewers to know. I mean, they must know because they’re probably following you on Twitter. I mean, you can’t even pay attention for 60 seconds. You’re a terrible interviewer,” Handler ripped away. At this point, Morgan could have apologized for ignoring his guest while he hovered over some Twitter interface. But he didn’t: “Well, you just weren’t keeping my attention. It’s more an issue for you than me.” After Morgan continued protesting that his company wasn’t interesting enough, Handler said, “Well, maybe that’s why your job is coming to an end.”

Modern Family on ABC (Jay takes Luke to the garage for some male bonding; Gloria and Claire take Lily dress shopping; Mitch, Cam, Alex and Manny spend a day at the museum; Phil helps Andy make an anniversary gift for his girlfriend)

Nashville on ABC (Rayna and Juliette each have their own plan on how to announce Juliette's deal with Highway 65; Will offers Deacon a great opportunity; Teddy learns Maddie is fixated with her music; Will worries about his past)

Survivor on CBS (One tribe considers benching one of their strongest players by throwing an immunity challenge; a castaway melts down at a reward challenge)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS (A murdered groupie and a missing prostitute both have connections to a mysterious band)

Chicago PD on NBC (Voight's new Internal Affairs handler proves to be suspicious of his actions; Voight must work with his former partner from the Gang Unit; Halsted enlists Jin to help him gather more information on Lonnie Rodiger; Olinsky takes Ruzek down a peg)

American Idol on Fox (Eleven finalists perform songs from their favorite movies)

Wahlburgers on A&E (Donnie and Mark, along with some famous friends, trick Paul into thinking they are working on a jingle for the restaurant; Alma has a hard time trying to find the perfect gift for Jenny. Donnie gives his workaholic brother Paul a break by taking him out in a replica of his favorite childhood car; Alma and the girls enjoy seafood wraps and mud baths at a spa.)

Ali G: Rezurection on FXX (Wine tasting with Borat; Ali G talks to Sam Donaldson)

My 600-Lb. Life on TLC (Learning more about Olivia's weight loss journey; new details and behind the scenes facts)

Hoarding: Buried on TLC (A mother's battling with hoarding discovers her own daughters compulsion; a family's unity at risk)

David Letterman: Sylvester Stallone, Theo James, Ledisi

Jimmy Fallon: Shailene Woodley, Artie Lange, Beck

Jimmy Kimmel: Robert Duvall, Rachael Ray, Damon Albarn, Johnny Winter

Craig Ferguson: Ricky Gervais, Krysten Ritter

Seth Meyers: Norman Reedus, American Authors

Carson Daly: Carrie Brownstein, the Colourist, the Casket Girls

Daily Show: Jason Bateman

Colbert Report: Maria Shriver

Chelsea Lately: Adam Levine, Chris Franjola, Sarah Tiana, Ian Karmel

Conan O'Brien: Aaron Paul, Maggie Q

Arsenio Hall: Jordan Burroughs, Macy Gray


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03/12/2014 6:03AM
Mindy's Mouth
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