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Kendall Jenner Flubs at Billboard Music Awards

People all over the globe are still trying to determine what talent the Kardashians possess that helped them become famous; thus, it may have been no surprise when the youngest Jenner sister flubbed her lines last night at the Billboard Music Awards.

Apprarently the move from magazine model to stage presenter is an area where Kendall Jenner may need more training. When reading the teleprompter to introduce 5 Seconds of Summer, she nearly called the group One Direction and then dipped her head in shame proclaiming, "You guys! I'm the worst reader." 

Kendall's twitter profile proclaims one thing - she's a model. And after last night's folly, she said she's never leaving her contacts at home again and in the end, you just "gotta laugh at yourself." 

Well, we agree Kendall... the best way to handle an on-stage flub is to laugh about it and move on.

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05/19/2014 11:16PM
Kendall Jenner Flubs at Billboard Music Awards
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