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3 Easy Updos

Rushing from office to Christmas party? Or balancing the tasks of gift wrapping and meal planning this holiday? The season sometimes pulls in all sorts of directions - from preparing the house to getting the meal on the table.

Read more.
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Gone In An Instant - The Antoine Walker Story

A private screening in Lexington, KY brought in the likes of John Calipari, Tim Couch, Winston Bennett and other business professionals tied to the Kentucky Men's Basketball program. The last few rows seemed to be dedicated to a high school group also interested in learning about the rise and fall of NBA superstar Antoine Walker. Read more.
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$5 DIY Holiday Gifts for a Girl's Get-Together

With holiday get-togethers scheduled daily this time of year. An inexpensive gift exchange seems likely. Here, you'll find a handful of unique female-oriented gifts involving minimal effort.

Girl's Emergency Kit

This genius idea involves a pot holder and a myriad of goodies you likely have on hand or can pick up inexpensively from the dollar store. Read more.

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Top 2014 Google Searches

Google has released its annual round-up of the year's top global searches.

In 2013, people just wanted to know how to twerk. It was a more innocent time. This year, people wanted to know if they had Ebola.

In 2014, the entire world was sad about the passing of Robin Williams, excited to watch the World Cup and worried about Ebola. Those three topics top the list of global searches, which also includes missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and the viral phenomenon Ice Bucket Challenge.

Celebrity deaths tend to dominate Google's year-end lists. Last year Paul Walker was the top trending topic after dying in a car accident. This year, following Robin Williams death was Joan Rivers, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Maya Angelou.

Most popular global searches for living people were Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian. Tracy Morgan's tragic car accident and Renee Zellweger's new look also stoked our curiosity. In the United States, domestic abuse made NFL's Ray Rice a top searched for person, and NASCAR driver Tony Stewart was a top topic after he struck and killed fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr. during a race.

Google is a first stop for questions people may be to embarrassed to ask their friends. This year's top "What is..." queries included Ebola, ALS, ISIS, Bitcoin and asphyxia. Apple's Airdrop feature, which lets you share files between Apple devices, was either very popular or very confusing. It made the list of top "What is..." searches and was the top trending "How to..." search for the year. After sharing files, we just wanted to know how to contour with makeup, vote, kiss and craft.
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Rent Your Dream Closet

Imagine a weekly delivery of apparel and jewelry.
Wear what you want. Keep it as long as you like. Return it when you get bored.


Voila! A new tote arrives. Repeat the process. Read more.

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Are you Ready to ROCK 2015?

YOU: Coffee and wine are like my life coaches. Coffee is there with a pat on the booty, "Go get 'em, we can do this!" And then, wine is like, "You'll get them tomorrow. You gave it a good shot!"

(Enter Colene Elridge.)

COLENE: I heard you're a player. Nice to meet you, I'm the Coach.

Fast forward 3 hours.

Read more.
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Red Red Wine You Make Me Feel So Fine

It's more than just a reason for a hangover. It's now the most popular color of the upcoming season. Read more.
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Lipstick Personality Test

Curious as to what your lipstick says about you?

Rounded - Easy Going and Loving
Concave - Friendly and Adventurous
Diagonal - Ambitious and Passionate
Pointed - Confident and a Risk Taker
Flat - Honest and Super Sweet
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Get a Pout Guys Can’t Resist to Kiss

A kiss is the most sensual act of all. So, get ready for your moment.

Or, create the moment with this kissable guide. Read more.

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Will Smith's Daughter Covers King Krule

Will Smith's 13 year old daughter, Willow, covers King Krule track 'Easy Easy' – listen here.

Willow Smith first embarked on a music career at the age of nine in 2010 with 'Whip My Hair' - a single. She has since released eight more including 'Fireball', which featured Nicki Minaj – but is yet to put out a full-length album.
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Victoria Secret Fashion Show Review

The Victoria Secret Fahion Show took place last night in London. Taylor Swift returned as the headlining performer by opening and closing the event. She was joined by first-timers Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande and Hozier.
Here are some of my favorite shots from last night's runway in London.
Hozier nailed it.
Not usually one to fall in love with this platinum of a blonde - but, this fairy owns it. Read more...
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Interview with Jim Bogios of Counting Crows

Counting Crows drummer, Jim Bogios, called into the Star 103.7 FM-WSTV studios. In anticipation of the highly awaited show at Louisville Palace the following day, the two discuss the group's latest release, "Somewhere Under Wonderland" as well as the reason behind the long lag in albums. Known as one of the best live performing groups, Bogios tells listeners what to expect when attending a Counting Crows concert.

If the video has trouble loading, you may view it on YouTube here.

Counting Crows: Somewhere Under Wonderland Tour with Twin Forks will play at Louisville Palace on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014. Get tickets here.

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How to Get the Victoria Secret Look

On this day every year, women of all ages get together to watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Ready to get the Victoria Secret Angel look? It's really just 3 simple steps: fresh, healthy skin, softly defined eyes, and a rosy beige lip. Read more.

How about that hair? The secret to supermodel hair can be found here. It's all about creating dry texture with product and style that adds movement, volume, and piecey-ness to hair,
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Daily Mantra: Look Your Best

In order to look your best, its important to feel your best.

These 5 simple steps are a great start. Write these 5 tips down on a note card and place it in your purse – it will periodically remind you throughout the day where you are in your practice. #DailyMantra

Jennifer Yust

1) SMILE – It's the one universal sign for happiness. Walk down the street with a smile on your face, grocery shop with a smile on your face and most importantly, (read more...)
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Kurt Cobain Documentary

The first documentary covering the life of "Kurt Cobain is set to air on HBO in 2015. It focuses on the grunge rockers life thru home movies, journals and previously unheard music. Interestingly enough, Cobain's daughter will serve as executive producer.

Kicking off today's 90s mixtape is a track listed on Rolling Stone's 2004 list of Top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time -

It's All Apologies by Nirvana.

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10 Second Make Up Trick to Lift Your Face

We're kind of know-it-alls when it comes to beauty tricks, but even we have to admit we've never used our concealer like this before. Read more.

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How to Get the Perfect Ponytail

Because it's a style we wear almost daily, we never get tired of learning tips to perfect the ponytail. Read more.

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Share with Sheroes this Holiday Season

Nothing radiates beauty like confidence and wisdom.

This December, you can gather more firsthand advice from female mentors when Shero, authored by Jason Belo, hits the e-stands of Amazon.

Kelly Anne Beile Shero pic quote

Shero: Build a Bright Future with Amazingly Effective Advice from Real Women is available in the Amazon Kindle Store for Pre-Order. It will be $2.99 as an introductory offer until the official release date on December 25th, 2014 at 12:01AM, and then the price will increase.


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Southern Girls Monogram Everything

It's CYBER MONDAY and every Southern Girl loves a monogrammed gift!

Just thought I'd share this offer that popped up in my mailbox today - it seems to be the best one yet.

Enjoy $20 FREE (no minimum purchase) to spend on your next personalized order...

Read more on this deal here.
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