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Posts from April 2014

Some advice for parents with picky eaters
  • Food Restrictions Don't Work With Kids, Study Says

  • A recent Penn State study offered children increasingly sweet foods the more times they clicked a computer mouse. While some kids were content to stop clicking once they earned a cracker, others kept clicking until the got the grand prize: a cinnamon graham cracker. What this says about some children's eating habits, claim researchers, is that the more restrictions parents place on certain foods at home, the more kids will crave them. “The message is that restriction is counterproductive — it just doesn’t work very well,” said lead study author Brandi Rollins in the New York Times. “Restriction just increases a child’s focus and intake of the food that the parent is trying to restrict.”

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Which Passwords Do You Need to Change to Avoid Heartbleed Bug
The Heartbleed bug that's been wreaking havoc on computers worldwide certainly sounds scary, but how do you know which of your online accounts and passwords are the most threatened by it? Mashable has posted a handy checklist of which popular websites are considered most vulnerable. While it's hard to know for certain how much damage Heartbleed has or will still cause, Mashable claims you "need" to change your passwords on Twitter, Tumblr, Google and Gmail, Yahoo and Yahoo Mail, GoDaddy, Dropbox, OKCupid, and Soundcloud. (Ironically, Mashable says no need to worry about your password at Target.com.)
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