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Posts from January 2014

Mr. Grey Will See You Now
Here's the first movie poster.......

The first official poster for the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation has been released, with leading man Jamie Dornan taking center stage. In fact, co-star Dakota Johnson is not represented in the poster at all. In the image, Dornan, dressed in a suit, shows off his backside as he peers out a floor-to-ceiling office window at the Seattle skyline. A tagline above him reads, "Mr. Grey Will See You Now," while the bottom of the poster advertises the film's release date as "Valentine's Day 2015."

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Beware the Evil Shopping Cart
I guess this means no more buggy pushing........

More than 24,000 children visit the ER annually due to shopping-cart related injuries. That averages out to 66 kids per day, or one ER visit every 22 minutes. Strangely, the problem has only gotten worse since voluntary shopping-cart safety standards took effect in 2004. Since then, the annual number of concussions tied to shopping carts in children younger than 15 jumped nearly 90 percent. More than 70 percent of injuries were caused by kids falling out of carts, followed by running into a cart or carts tipping over. The study's lead author called carts' current safety standards "not adequate."
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We might hear this name more in 2014
Her name is Jetta and the song is called "Feels Like Coming"

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So what do child actors do after they grow up?
If you are Mccauly Caulkin evidently this is it.......

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