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Posts from August 2013

Anyone up for Glamping?
  • *I Remember camping under the stars but this takes it to whole new level. Not exactly my idea of roughing it!

    For $2,000 a Night, New Yorkers Camp Under the Stars

  • Ah, the joys of roughing it in the great outdoors: champagne, high thread-count sheets, flat-screen television. To wit, at least a couple of New York City locales are offering "glamping" packages, where hotel comforts are taken outside. "It's basically being able to sleep under the stars in a luxury setting," said Jeffrey Poirot, general manager at AKA Central Park, which offers an outdoor bedroom on the 1,000-square-foot terrace outside its 17th-floor penthouse. For about $2,000 per night, the offering includes a bedroom setup—queen bed, fireplace, television—but also a telescope to look at the stars and the ingredients for s'mores.

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JJ or MJ?
We played this on the air today and I pulled up the video. Janey was a great dancer back in the day. Who was better though MJ or JJ?

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New Calendar App Uses Social Networking to Keep Teens Safe

  • The new app Galndr is trying to make online calendars cool for female teens, while also finding a way for their parents to feel secure that their kids’ private itinerary isn’t being posted all over Facebook. Kaaren Whitney-Vernon, the publisher of Canadian teen magazine Vervegirl, co-founded the app with Sergio Basilone, a father of two teenage girls. They wanted to make a group text and calendar app that allows teen girls to be safe. So why isn’t their a "Palndr" app for teen boys? "To be honest, girls are more social and would engage in what we created more than teen boys. They use social media more than boys do, so we think they're an easier target," Whitney-Vernon said.
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I wonder who caught the bouquet
  • Woman Gets Married With 80 Bridesmaids by Her Side  

  • A dance teacher in Essex, England just got hitched with 80 bridesmaids by her side. Katie Dalby, 26, had already chosen her three sisters-in-law, a niece, her best friend and a cousin to be bridesmaids when she tied the knot with firefighter Norman Gooch, 37. But when Dalby's students at Boogie Shoes Dance Academy begged to be involved, she decided it wouldn't have been "fair to choose a few of them," so the only solution was to "invite all 74 of them." On the happy couple's big day, a local road was closed so that all the bridesmaids could properly line up. The current world record for the most bridesmaids -- 95 -- was set in 2012 in Bangkok.

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Better Than Bluetooth
  • "Smart Tooth" Sensor Keeps Track of What You Eat, Drink & Smoke

  • Scientists at National Taiwan University have developed a “smart tooth” sensor that can be glued to a tooth, which will then send details of how much you eat, smoke, cough, chew and more to a computer through small wires.  The tiny tracker is a chip embedded into a motion sensor, and data from the way the sensor moves helps to determine what you’re doing, with 93.8 percent accuracy. The device is at a prototype stage at the moment, but the final product will likely be removable, rechargeable and include a small Wi-Fi unit that will be able to sync the information up with a smartphone.

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