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Posts from April 2013

Owning a Dog Reduces Stress, Helps You Live Longer
  • New research funded by the National Institute of Health found that dogs can provide better social support and stress relief than friends and family. Owning a dog reduces stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol and raises the level of oxytocin, which is the same hormone released during breastfeeding. 
    Health benefits of dog companionship:
    • Increase longevity after heart attacks
    • Lower cholesterol and triglycerides
    • Improve blood pressure
    • Reduce irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias)
    • Improve blood vessel (endothelial) function
    • Increase physical activity and functioning
    • Reduce medical appointments and minor health problems
    • Predict seizures
    • Alert to hypoglycemia
    • Decrease depression
    • Raise self-esteem
    • Boost levels of exercise and physical activity
    • Improve alertness and attention among elderly people who have pets
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Things to do for Earth Day 2013

Here are 13 recommendations from Food Tank for ways to support the future of food, health, and agriculture:

Eat more colors
The colors of fruits and vegetables are signs of nutritional content. A richly-colored red tomato has high levels of carotenoids such as lycopene, which the American Cancer Society reports can help prevent cancer, as well as heart disease. The relationship between nutrients and color is also true for other foods. Eggs that have brightly orange-colored yolks are also high in cancer-fighting carotenoids, and are more likely to be produced by healthier chickens.

Buy food with less packaging
Discarded packaging makes up around one-third of all waste in industrialized countries, with negative impacts on the climate, and air and water quality. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s analysis of different packaging for tomatoes found that polyethylene terephthalate (PET) clamshell packaging increases tomatoes’ associated carbon emissions by 10 percent. The most effective way to limit the impact of packaging waste is to prevent it. Choosing foods with less packaging can also be better for our waistlines, since highly processed foods that are low in nutrients generally use more packaging than more healthful, less processed options.

Choose seasonal produce
Earth Day offers a great opportunity to bring more seasonal fruits and vegetables into diets. Many farmers markets, including the New York City Greenmarkets, offer guides about which products are in season. Locally sourced, seasonal products can also be found at major grocery stores. Another way to get seasonal foods is to sign up for a weekly CSA, which provides a mix of fresh, seasonal produce throughout the year. Other programs, such as Siren Fish Co.’s SeaSA in San Francisco, offer seasonal meats and seafood.

Get in touch with agriculture
This time of year, many people are starting to plan vacations. A great way to skip the crowds, save money, and get both children and adults in touch with agriculture is to book a farm-stay through World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF). WWOOF runs networks in most countries around the world, offering individuals and families the opportunity to directly support small-scale family farmers. Participants spend a few days or weeks living with a host family and helping with tasks around the farm in exchange for free food and lodging.

Get creative in the kitchen
Shopping at farmers markets, which often have a wide selection of less-ordinary produce such as celeriac, sunchokes, or kohlrabi, can prevent “food ruts” by helping consumers try new foods. When looking for inspiration, many popular recipe blogs, such as smitten kitchen, allow users to search by ingredient, as well as season.. Publications such as Diet for a Small Planet and the Boston Globe’s new Sunday Supper and More e-cookbook series also offer tips on reusing leftovers to reduce food waste.



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Boston Sings The National Anthem Before Bruins Game
The Boston Bruins returned to the TD Garden arena last night for the first time since Monday's attack. Before the start of the hockey game, a "Boston Strong" video honoring the the town's first responders was aired. Then came the National Anthem, with the Boston Fire Department Honor Guard representing those brave responders. Singer Rene Rancourt only had to sing a few lines before the crowd took over, singing their hearts out while holding signs, flags and each other.

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New Smart Phones Might Be Bendab;e

You could soon be able to roll your iPhone up and put it in your pocket: Both Apple and Samsung are working on “virtually unbreakable” flexible screens for cell phones. The release of the iPhone 5S has already been pushed back to the fourth quarter this year, but the iPhone 6 (and Galaxy S5) could both have LED plastic screens with increased durability and reduced weight and thickness.  This bendable technology may also be used for tablets and the rumored iWatch.
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The 13 Best Sandwich Scenes in Cinematic History

When you think of movies, you think of sandwiches, right? Well, even if you don't, Bon Appetit has taken the time to compile a list of the 13 best sandwich scenes in cinematic history, which are:

13. Gary Busey ordering two meatball subs in Point Break.
12. Rodney Dangerfield cutting a loaf of bread in half in Back to School.
11. Jack Nicholson ordering a chicken-salad sandwich in Five Easy Pieces.
10. Meg Ryan's faked orgasm at Katz's Delicatessen in When Harry Met Sally.
9. Paul Reiser chiding Steve Guttenberg for the slowness of his sandwich eating in Diner.
8. Ally Sheedy's Cap'n Crunch sandwich in The Breakfast Club.
7. Johnny Depp's well-pressed grilled cheese in Benny & Joon.
6. Robert DeNiro's tuna on rye chew-out in Cop Land.
5. Weird Al Yankovic's Twinie Wiener Sandwich in UHF.
4. The Bicycle Thief's cheese sandwich chowdown.
3. Withnail & I's fried-egg sandwiches.
2. Kevin Kline's "special sandwich" in Dave.
1. David Carradine slicing sandwiches with a very large knife in Kill Bill: Vol. 2.
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Airline to Start Charging Passengers Based on Weight

  • Somoa Air will become the first airline to adopt the idea of charging passengers based on their weight with a "pay as you weigh" pricing plan. Under the new policy, passengers are weighed on scales at the airport, and then pay a price that varies depending on the length of the flight. Ticket prices range from $1 a kilogram on the shortest domestic routes, to about $4.16 a kilogram. The chief executive of the airline says this is the fairest way: "There are no extra fees in terms of excess baggage or anything -- it is just a kilo is a kilo is a kilo." The airline also says the new policy helps to raise public awareness about health and obesity issues.

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Taylor Swift "32" The Spoof
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12 Crazy Conspiracy Theories American Voters Believe


Buzzfeed has put together a list of the 12 craziest conspiracy theories that a significant amount of the American voting public believes:


1. 9% of voters say the government adds fluoride to the water supply for evil reasons.

2. 21% say a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and the US government covered it up.

3. 20% say that there is a link between childhood vaccines and autism.

4. 7% say that the moon landing was fake.

5. 13% say Obama is the anti-Christ. This number went up to 22% when it was just Romney voters.

6. 29% believe aliens are real.

7. 14% believe in the existence of Bigfoot.

8. 15%  say the government adds mind-controlling technology to television broadcasts.

9. 5% believe that exhaust from airplanes is actually chemical spray the government is using for undisclosed sinister reasons.

10. 6% think Osama Bin Laden is still alive.

11. 15%  think the pharmaceutical industry “invents" new diseases to make more money.

12. 4% believe in lizard people.

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Finnish Hotel Seeks "Professional Sleeper" to Test Out Beds

  • Talk about a dream job: Hotel Finn in Helsinki, Finland is seeking a "professional sleeper" for 35 days to test out their rooms and blog about it. Hotel manager Tio Tikka says they are looking for a "dynamic person to write a quality blog" about their daily experiences at the basic hotel, which has no bar or restaurant. Requirements: Fluent Finnish and English, Russian a plus. The job opens May 17 with applications closing at the end of April. So far more that 600 would-be hotel sleepers have applied. (Seriously, that's it?!) 

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