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Is it too early for Christmas Music?

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CHRISTMAS CREEP: Stores Already Playing Holiday Muzak Tunes

(TORONTO, CANADA) Halloween just happened and Thanksgiving is still weeks away. But that didn’t stop one drug store chain from trying to start the Christmas shopping season. Patrons revolted when they heard the store playing holiday Muzak.

This past weekend, Shoppers Drug Mart announced on their Facebook page (quote) “Hi everyone, due to recent complaints around the Christmas music being played in stores we want to advise you that as of tonight, all Christmas music will be suspended until further notice.”

Thousands of shoppers have "liked" that commitment to delaying Christmas tunes until it is actually Christmas.

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THREE DIET SECRETS: Smallest Meal of the Day Should be Dinner

5-lbs Fat

(KANSAS CITY, KANSAS) A nutritionist has three easy steps to simplify your diet. Practically any trendy diet will work. The secret always is to restrict calories. That’s the foundation to losing weight: Consume fewer calories than you burn.

So a nutritionist has boiled it down to 3 easy ideas to simplify your diet

  1. Portions should be no larger than the palm of your hand
  2. Foods of one ingredient are healthiest and easiest to track for calorie counts (in other words, avoid processed foods)
  3. Think of your daily eating pattern as a pyramid. Start your day, at the bottom of the pyramid with the largest meal. You need to kick-start the morning with a boost of calories to get you through your day. Every meal and snack afterward should become smaller and smaller in size. Dinner has the fewest calories. You don’t need energy to sleep, right?

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11/05/2012 4:33PM
Is it too early for Christmas Music?
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