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How Much Do You Text? Do you still use a landline? How about this as a use for L

Wiki Fact

In 2009, for the first time, the amount of data sent with phones exceeded the sum of transmitted voice data. And our calls are getting shorter. A decade ago, we'd spend 3 minutes per call, today the average phone call lasts just 1 minute and 47 seconds.

Expert: Babies Born Today Will Grow Up Without Landlines

A technology expert has compiled a list of things that we take for granted, but a child born today will likely never use. For instance, within a decade, it's predicted that Wi-Fi will be the predominate way to connect with the internet. Same goes with landlines for phones. That's the quickest way to determine which generation you belong: Grandparents have landlines. Or with the advances in phones, it will be the only device you need for photography and videos. Finally, the movie theater may be out-of-business in less than a generation. Streaming video-on-demand may become the norm for that big screen in your home.

Fashionably Frugal: Used Car Owner Saving on Monthly Bills
The least expensive car to drive is the one you currently own. Otherwise, it would be a used car, within the past 5 years or so. Truly the most expensive car is the latest model on the car lot. It immediately loses value the moment you drive away. Meaning you're already underwater on the car loan.

Prom 'Dirty Dancing' Earns Teenagers the 'Lysol Treatment'

A couple at the prom was treated to a Lysol shower. One of the moms chaperoning the school dance believed the couple's "grinding" was disgusting. So she brought out the industrial-sized can of Lysol and sprayed them down. But not before calling the girl a "slut" and "whore".
The chaperones, Jennifer Farmer and Hannah Rockey, told the cops that the kids were (quote) "dancing like they were having sex with their clothes on". This is an apt description for any school dance where grinding is the norm. The police report indicates several girls were Lysol'd. As many as 8 had to be treated for potential poisoning when it got in their eyes and mouth.

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05/28/2012 6:20AM
How Much Do You Text? Do you still use a landline? How about this as a use for L
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