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How Many Vacation Days Do You Need To Unwind?

Takes Four Days to Unwind from Work Stress and Enjoy Vacation

(CHICAGO, ILLINOIS) Better tell the boss that your week-long summer vacation must be extended an additional week. A new study shows that just 3 days of a typical vacation are actually relaxing. That’s due to the lingering work stress, which doesn’t wear off for the first 4 days. On any ordinary vacation, you only start to enjoy the trip starting on day number five. Psychologist Glenn Wilson says (quote) “Vacationers returning to work are healthier, happier and likely to be more productive.”

A team of researchers studied the summer vacation (great work, if you can get it). What they found was that pressures build, but it takes a long time for us to unwind. After all, the researchers found that we spend (on average) almost 4 hours per day thinking about our job while vacationing. Or still doing work while traveling.

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Generally summer brings out the best in people. There's lots to do, the weather is nice and the days are longer. But even the best season of the year has its drawbacks. Some of the worst things about summer are:

Going to work or summer school: Once school lets out there is nothing worse than having to get yourself to work knowing that all those kids and teachers are enjoying a long summer break.

You can't style your hair or wear makeup: With heat and humidity you must embrace the frizz and the melted makeup face, or you will be spending the entire season inside with air conditioning.

TV sucks: All the good shows are over until the fall − so there is absolutely nothing to watch.

Not being able to afford to go on vacation when everyone else is going: This can be a real downer especially when all you want to do is spend a little time lounging on the beach.

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06/20/2012 4:56PM
How Many Vacation Days Do You Need To Unwind?
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