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Tattoo Of Love
Kristen Stewart may get a Robert Pattinson tattoo. A source tells OK Magazine, “She has even started talking about getting a tattoo of Rob’s name to show him how serious she is. Rob says that’s a crazy idea but it did affect him deeply that she would do something so permanent in his honor.” Another source says they are planning a romantic vacation. “Rob and Kristen are trying to decide where they can go to get away from it all for a while and just be together, without all the distractions.”
Stop clipping coupons and break out the Go-Go Juice – it’s time to celebrate! TLC has just renewed Here Comes Honey Boo Boo for more hillbillytastic episodes! Alana Thompson, Sugar Bear, Momma June, Pumpkin, Chickadee, Chubbs and baby Kaitlyn must be SO excited! The general manager of TLC announced: "Alana and her family have become a pop culture phenomenon. What you see is what you get, and we are excited to share even more of their unbridled hilarity, sincerity and love with our viewers."The whole family is also set to appear in three "HOLLAday" specials, so America can see how Georgia's finest celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Child Abuser?
We've watched Kate Goseelin bring up her brood for years on TV, but is it possible there was a darker side to the mom that we missed? According to a new book by Robert Hoffman, the Kate Plus 8 star's disciplinary tactics crossed the line into child abuse! The reporter alleges that Kate's own journals tell the story of an abusive parent. He says: "I don’t judge somebody for spanking, but what Kate wrote in her journal is just absolute violence… She was beating 2-year-old babies in diapers."Hoffman also claims Kate used a wooden spoon she refers to as "The Spanker" on her children. He says: "She uses that Spanker on a daily basis for anything and everything. The spanking entries are endless." According to Hoffman, Kate's journals included hair-pulling, whipping, and even a passage that implies Kate herself feared she might harm the children.

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09/27/2012 6:16AM
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