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Lady Gaga posted a picture of herself yesterday sitting naked on a toilet. She Tweeted: "To all the girls that think you're ugly because you're not a size 0, you're the beautiful one. It's society who's ugly. Thank[s] to my fans who love me no matter what, and know the meaning of real beauty & compassion. I really love you."
Katy In love
It sounds like Katy Perry and John Mayer's romance could soon fizzle out, at least according to Katy's friends and family. The 2 started out as a summer fling, then John dumped Katy after only a few weeks together! Now that the couple has since gotten back together, it sounds like those closest to Katy are SUPER worried about the pop star, warning her that he’s only going to hurt her again! A source revealed: "She’s been telling everybody who cares to listen how great John is and it’s clear that she is totally in love with him. At first, she was quite careful with John and said she wasn’t ready for a relationship and just wanted to have fun. But now she appears to have fallen dangerously in love with him and her friends are concerned.”  Supposedly, the Wide Awake songstress was “devastated” when John pulled the plug the first time and friends are even MORE worried for her this time around, since she’s let her guard down!

Pay Cut
Matt Lauer may take a pay cut. A source tells RADAR Online, ''Matt Lauer will be asked to take a significant cut in his $25 million salary if TODAY doesn't win the key November sweeps. The May and November sweeps dictate how much the networks can charge for advertising and they are extremely important to the bottom line. The TODAY show had always been a cash cow for NBC, generating hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue. Comcast, which now owns NBC Universal, is going through the budgets of each show and right now, they are focusing on the news division. Matt's salary is the biggest part of the TODAY show's budget and with Good Morning America now routinely beating them, it's just hard to justify that salary. Matt is under contract so it will have to be a voluntary decision, but the argument will be made that if he doesn't agree to lose some of his salary then people's jobs will have to be cut. Bottom line is money will have to be saved somewhere and he will be asked to do the 'right thing' by his staff."

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09/25/2012 6:45AM
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