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Biggest Opening!
Even though some people were not too happy that NBC decided to withhold the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony in London so they could air it for US primetime Friday night, it paid off! 40.7 million viewers watched the opening, marking it the most watched summer games opening ever!
Christina Aguilera On Other Judges
Christina has love for the other females who are now working as judges on TV, She said,  “Britney's so talented. I mean she's a pro. She's been at it for a number of years now. We did grow up together. It's actually cool that these strong women are joining the club and they're gonna have fun… I just found out about [Mariah joining American Idol] last night, the news is fresh.”  Christina is excited about Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day joining The Voice! She said,  “He's had a tremendous amount of success in the business. I like to switch it up. This one was very intriguing because he comes from a completely different genre of music than I do. He's had tremendous obvious stage experience and touring and he would have some amazing advice and input.”
Wealthiest R&B Stars from R&B Magzine

1. Mariah Carey - $500 Million
2. Beyoncé - $350 Million
3. R. Kelly - $150 Million
4. Usher - $140 Million
5. Rihanna - $72 Million
6. Mary J. Blige - $45 Million
7. Chris Brown - $24 Million
8. Whitney Houston - $20 Million
9. Cee-Lo Green - $20 Million
10. Keri Hilson - $20 Million

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07/30/2012 5:53AM
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