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Gotye Not Dead

CNN incorrectly reported on Sunday that Gotye committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a 9mm handgun!! Gotye, of course, denies reports of his untimely demise. He tweeted: I’m not dead. This is the story CNN iReport broke: "At 4:32 AM EST, it was reported that Gotye had shot himself in the head with a 9mm handgun… He was pronounced dead at 4.45AM, and the investigation concluded that the cause of death was suicide."    Wow!! Get your facts straight, CNN!

7 Natural Mosquito Repellents from foxnews.com
Basil, lemongrass and rosemary are good for us, but not for them. While they taste delicious in our food, they're also known to repel mosquitos. Grow an herb garden on your outdoor deck. At your next barbecue, try throwing some rosemary or sage onto the grill.

Not only will they make a lovely addition to your garden, but marigolds are easy to grow and their scent keeps skeeters at bay. We suggest potting them next to your front door or near windows to prevent pests from entering your home.

3.Tea Tree Oil
OK, it’s not Chanel, but unless you want to get eaten alive, it's summer's hottest fragrance!

It’s not just for your favorite feline. While cats go wild for catnip, mosquitoes hate the smell. Plant some around your house, and while you’re at it, dry some up for Mittens!

Eating raw garlic or cooking with it can also repel mosquitoes for up to 6 hours. Oil from the garlic reportedly masks your natural scent, deterring the bug-a-boos. If you don’t want to offend your date, pick up some odor-free garlic supplements from the drugstore.

Bats get a bad rap, but did you know they can eat HUNDREDS of mosquitoes a night? And sometimes 600 in an hour? Consider investing in a bat house to attract these nocturnal creatures. They’ll certainly earn their keep!

Standing water is a hotbed for mosquito breeding, so try to eliminate any around your house. If you have permanent pond or outdoor water feature, introducing some mosquito-munching frogs might not be a bad idea.

Pringles Speaker
What will they come up with next? Now you can Pringles and enjoy some tunes with a Pringles Speaker Can. The speaker fits on top, you plug your mp3 to it and boom you got music. Check it out by going to www.pringles.com/current-promotions

Willow Smith New Video
Willow Smith isn’t whipping her back and forth these days. Check out her new music video for I Am Me. She sure does look like her daddy!

10 Things A Guy Should Never Say from collegecandy.com
10. "Don't be so emotional"
9. "Do you really need another cupcake?"
8. " Just chill out!"
7. "Are you PMSing?"
6. "I think you've had enough to drink"
5. "What are you wearing...?"
4. Calling your mom any bad name
3. "Oh... So that's what you look like without makeup?"
2. "When was the last time you did something with your hair?"
1. "You don't really expect me to pay for all of this, do you?"

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07/03/2012 9:22AM
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