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Hangover 3
Prince Harry has been offered a cameo in The Hangover Part III. A source tells NOW magazine, ''When the Harry news broke we immediately saw an opportunity for using the scandal. If the 3 guys came across Harry then what happened in his penthouse suite could get even more out of control. Writers have been given carte blanche to try any comedy ideas around Harry. It is a natural step for him to be invited to join them too. And rather than pay a fee they could offer him a huge charity donation.''
Baby Picture Wanted
Snooki may receive $250,000 for her first baby pics. A source tells the Huff Post, “There is great interest in seeing what Snooki’s son looks like. She has never been a great seller in the past, but who doesn’t want to see if her little meatball looks like his famous mom? I expect the bidding war could go as high as $250,000, with several outlets bidding against each other and raising the price.”
Why Mayer Broke Up With Perry
I don't think it was a shock to anyone to hear that John Mayer & Katy Perry didn't work out. John Mayer is the one that ended the love. According to UsWeekly their source said,  "[John was tired of her hard partying and decided to pull the plug. He dumped her over email. She was furious and really hurt. She was into him, but he wasn’t feeling it." Seriously???

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08/30/2012 6:12AM
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