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Don't Ask, Don't Tell & More


'Don't Ask Don't Tell' from Sassy Magazine

5 things you NEVER ask a man 
What are you thinking? 
Do you love me? 
Do I look fat? 
Do you think she is prettier than me? 
What would you do if I died?

5 things you NEVER ask a woman 
How much do you weigh? 
How old are you? 
What's your dress size? 
Are you pregnant?
How many guys have you been with?

OLYMPICS: More American Women Than Men in London

 For the Summer Olympic Games, 269 female athletes will represent the United States. As for the men, 261 athletes.

For the very first time, the United States will bring more female than male athletes. Just last week, the final roster was printed and delivered to the IOC (International Olympic Committee), confirming what had been speculated about for weeks. Just like in real life, the ladies out number the men.


The typical American earns about 14 vacation days per year, but only uses a fraction of them. Another one-quarter of the working population does not earnany vacation time.

FIRST IS BEST: People Instinctively Favor Firsts


When given an option, most people pick the first thing on any list. Whether that be as minor as a choice of salad dressing or a major life decision such as which college to attend. A study shows that most go with the first option.

Dana Carney says (quote) “The order of individuals performing on talent shows like ‘American Idol,’ the order of potential companies recommended by a stockbroker, the order of college acceptance letters received by an applicant — all of these firsts have privileged status.” This is especially true when you’re forced to “think fast” and not linger with deliberations.

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07/16/2012 3:00PM
Don't Ask, Don't Tell & More
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