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10 Things Super Successful People Do During Lunch

  • A recent survey found that just 19 percent of workers in the U.S. and Canada take lunch breaks away from their desks on a regular basis. (Depressing.) But doing that is likely to make you worse at your job. Here are 10 things that successful people do during lunch:
    1. They leave their desks. 
    2. They go outside. 
    3. They exercise.
    4. They read. 
    5. They eat healthy. 
    6. But they don't overeat. 
    7. They grab lunch with friends or colleagues. 
    8. Sometimes, they even do lunch with enemies. 
    9. They listen to music. 
    10. They take naps.

10/17/2013 3:34PM
10 Things Super Successful People Do During Lunch
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