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A new survey by USA Today reveals that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the top selling candy ($509 million in sales in the past year). M&M’s ($500.82 million) finished second followed by Snickers ($456.91 million), Hershey’s ($324.63 million), Kit Kat ($306.51 million), Twix 4 To Go ($116.13 million), 3 Musketeers ($101.27 million), Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme ($100.70 million), Milky Way ($93.46 million) and Almond Joy ($82.25 million)
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According to a poll of Huffington Post Taste readers, here are the nine Halloween "goodies" that people find very bad to receive in their trick-or-treat bags -- along with some choice reader quotes about why they're so hated:
  1. Candy corn. "I'd rather eat a crayon."
  2. Mary Janes. "Mystery chews from old people."
  3. Bit-o-Honey. "Thrown out immediately."
  4. Tootsie Rolls. "Wax-like consistency."
  5. Good & Plenty. "Little treats with a dark soul."
  6. Smarties. "#DoNotWant."
  7. Whoppers. "We had a party and a candy jar full of Whoppers. Folks stole our toilet paper, but not our Whoppers."
  8. Things that aren't candy. "No popcorn balls, baked goods, and nothing unwrapped whatsoever."
  9. Things that aren't even edible. "No coins, pencils -- and of course, no toothbrushes."
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Are you living in a haunted house and don't even know it? According to ghost investigator Lori Settle, who got into her line of work after her husband mysteriously dropped dead in their home, many Americans live in haunted houses and without realizing it. While older houses are more likely to have ghostly residents, newly constructed homes aren't immune to them. "Every home has the potential to be haunted, because sometimes entities will just be passing through," Settle says. If you're experiencing any of the following, then your home may be at high risk for haunting:
  1. Unexplained noises.
  2. Household items move.
  3. Bizarre shadows.
  4. Strange behavior from kids or pets.
  5. Feeling of being watched.
  6. Terrifying (and recurring) dreams.
  7. Electronic devices spontaneously turn on.
  8. Unexplained writings.

Ever experienced strange things at your house?
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13 Things Guys Need To Stop Wearing

Huffington Post has compiled a list of 13 of the worst fashion offenses that men make. I might be guilty of a couple:
  1. Deep V-neck tees. 
  2. Sagging jeans. 
  3. White socks with black shoes. (Guilty)
  4. Nylon drawstring backpacks. 
  5. Basket shorts when not playing basketball.  (Super guilty)
  6. Ed Hardy. 
  7. Polo shirts tucked into khakis. 
  8. White t-shirts poking out of button-down shirts. 
  9. Adidas rubber sandals with socks. 
  10. Sports jerseys outside sporting events. 
  11. Mismatched socks. (Super guilty again)
  12. Necklaces tangled in chest hair. 
  13. Pleats.

So, do you think this list is pretty spot on? Would you add anything to it??
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18 Signs You Were Born In the '80s

Born in the '80s? Check out this article and see how many apply to you:
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