For every famous actor you watch on TV or see on the big screen, there are probably another 10,000 starving artists with dreams of striking it rich. In the end, 99% of them ditch the acting and settle into a real job.

With that in mind, your favorite entertainers were asked what career would they have chosen had they failed to break out.

  • Britney Spears, who never graduated high school, told Pop Justice she’d be a teacher
  • Matthew McConaughey thinks he could have made it through law school
  • Tom Cruise studied for a year at St. Francis Seminary -- to become a priest
  • Jennifer Aniston wanted to be a Party Planner
  • Taylor Swift has said she’d become a rodeo rider
  • Justin Bieber admitted that he probably doesn’t have a fallback career other than to ask people “Do you want fries with that?”