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Posts from November 2013

Easy Gifts For The Season!
So with the coming up (I know some of you are DIE-HARD Black Friday Shoppers), I cam up with a list of several easy and hassle-free gifts that I think people would love!

1. Gift Cards- This is the most practical gift I could think of. Some people think that it's impersonal and not creative, but I have to disagree. I love nothing more than getting a gift card to one of my favorite restaurants or coffee shops. Heck, I even get a little too excited when I get an iTunes card for new music. People love them, and you can't really go wrong :)

2. Phone Accesories- Let's face it: Most people have advanced past the flip phone and have a super-duper smart phone (iPhone, Android, ect.), and some people really love to make them look flashy! A good, dependable, colorful or fun phone case is always a great gift for someone wanting to change up their phone's look every now and then and there are limitless options for cases on color, design, or whatever floats your boat. And, an extra car charger or two never hurt anyone either ;)

3. Posters- I LOVE to hang up posters from my favorite movies or shots of my favorite band or just quotes of stuff I think is inspirational. You know what your friend likes or doesn't, so get their favorite movie/book/lyric quote framed, and I guarantee they will love it and it's something they can keep for a long time, if not forever.

Hope this helps my friends, and happy hunting!

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