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Another Name for Black Friday

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BLACK FRIDAY: Americans Attracted by Drama, Sales, Competition

Humans cannot help themselves when it comes to Black Friday. We are drawn by the sales, the lines, and competition. All the drama packed into one single day makes us feel a little more alive.

Researchers have a name for this: Collective Consumption Ritual

Jane Boyd Thomas says “For the person who’s been shopping on Black Friday for decades, this is as much of their Thanksgiving tradition as eating turkey.”

Lifestyle general

GOOD MORNING NEWS: Happiness Leads to More Wealth

 Money not only makes you happy. But the flipside is just as true: Happiness makes you wealthier.

A social study reveals that people who are above-normal on the happiness scale are also above-average wage earners. Whether smart or not, tall or short, self-confident or insecure, happier people earned bigger paychecks

Happy high school students become college graduates, and early hires, who quickly climb the promotional ladder. Researchers conducted a long-term study – of over 10,000 Americans -- starting at the teenage years and discovered that happiness meant more wealth by age 29.


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11/20/2012 5:42PM
Another Name for Black Friday
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