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7 Tips to Prevent Overeating and Superhero Co-Workers

Superhero Co-Workers

A new superhero survey by Snagajob reveals that 51% of people think The Hulk would be the most annoying co-worker because of his anger management issues and emotional volatility. Other findings:

- 21% of people don't want to work with Iron Man because he's always late.

- 19% of people think Captain America is a brown noser

- 8% of people don't want to work with Batman because of his irritatingly deep voice

"What superhero would you not want to work with?"

7 Simple Tricks To Prevent Overeating from yahoo.com

1. Take A Seat. Whenever you eat, sit at a table and use cutlery and a plate, rather than eat on the run, standing up, or at your desk. That way, the next time you eat you'll chow about 30 percent less, according to a recent study.

2. Sip Some Soup. Before digging into your entree, savor a bowl of soup. You'll likely consume 20 percent fewer calories over the course of the meal (a good tip to remember if you tend to overeat at restaurants). The soup fills and stretches your stomach,"sending signals to your brain that tell you to stop or slow down eating.

3. Think Simple. Variety may be the spice of life, but it can ruin the best intentions when it comes to eating. We consume more calories when we see an array of food, say researchers. To understand how this works, scientists gave subjects m&ms and found that the more colors they mixed in a bowl, the more people ate. Keep this tip in mind when planning a meal and don't go overboard with the offerings -- if you're serving rice, for instance, pass on the bread and potatoes. As for buffets, why torture yourself? Steer clear.

4. Downsize. Bigger is not always better. Oversize dishes and spoons cause you to overeat -- even if you think you're a good judge of portions. Case in point: Nutrition experts who were given big bowls at an ice cream party devoured 31 percent more than those with smaller bowls. Ditto on the serving spoons: Those helping themselves with bigger utensils downed 14.5 percent more ice cream than folks with smaller serving spoons

5. Hide It It's true: When we see food, we eat it. A study of secretaries found that those with chocolate candies in clear containers on their desks ate almost twice as much as they did than when the candies were "hidden" in opaque containers. They also ate less if the candy was placed at least six feet away from their desks. The moral? Don't mess with temptation. Keep calorie-dense treats covered, tucked away in a cabinet, or out of reach.

6. Sniff a Whiff. Apparently, peppermint's powers go beyond freshening your breath. A small study at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia found that people who inhaled peppermint essential oil every two hours ate 23 percent fewer calories during a five-day period.

7. Be Sneaky. Sometimes, perception means more than reality. You can trick yourself into thinking you have more food by serving choices that spread out -- like roasted, cubed potatoes or pasta shells with sauce -- instead of dense foods, like mashed potatoes or lasagna.

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07/18/2012 2:35PM
7 Tips to Prevent Overeating and Superhero Co-Workers
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