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30 Things That Will Happen To You In Your 30s

I'm trying to prepare myself for the 30s SO if you're in your 30s already....how true is this list? Here's the first 10:

1. If your friends live more than a few blocks away, instead of seeing them several times a week, you'll see them, like, several times a year, max.
2. Binge-watching a TV show is more appealing that binge-drinking on a Saturday night.
3. You won't have vacations anymore; you'll just have weddings to go to. (Or family to visit).
4. Weight will get harder and harder to maintain.
5. You'll develop a drinking strategy -- like, two hard drinks and then switch to beer for the rest of the night -- to help avoid hangovers.
6. Daytime parties will be full of kids, and you will probably be called "Aunt" or "Uncle" by several of them, regardless of whether you're actually related.
7. You or one of your best friends will get divorced.
8. You or one of your close friends will have fertility problems.
9. Someone you went to high school with will become a grandparent.
10. If you're single, you'll date someone with a kid at some point.

The complete list is here: 


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08/08/2014 10:35AM
30 Things That Will Happen To You In Your 30s
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