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11 Things to Say If You Want to Start a Fight

11 Things You Can Say If You Definitely Want To Get In A Fight from the frisky

1. “Are you trying to make me mad?” Is there ever a good response to this kind of question? Noooooot really.

2. “You never spend time with me.” Words like “never” and “always” are total relationship poison. Nobody is ever “always” or “never” doing something. Instead of claiming someone’s always doing x, y or z, try to use specific examples or time frames where your significant other disappointed you.

3. “Stop being crazy.” Men and women are both guilty of pathologizing their mates, though it seems like “crazy” gets tossed at women way more than men. Telling someone that they’re behavior is “crazy” is completely dismissive. It also vilifies people with actual mental illness.

4. “You’re overreacting.” It sucks when someone tells you how you’re feeling. How do they know? Don’t do it to someone else.

5. “You always do that.” See number 2.

6. “I don’t know why I even try.” This kind of comment is super dismissive, which makes it super hurtful.

7. “Are you on your period?” Girls get this all the time. This falls right in line with ass backwards thinking that women’s emotions can’t be real, genuine or justified.

8. “Are you going to wear that?” What you really mean is, “please don’t wear that. You’re totally embarrassing me.”

9. “What’s your problem?” Asking someone “What’s your problem?” says “I don’t really want to know.”

10. “You are such a control freak.” Calling someone a freak is just about the same as calling someone crazy. Why not try (again) identifying the specific behavior or incident that felt controlling and discuss that? Nobody likes to be labeled.

11. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Has anything good ever followed after someone’s said those words in anger? Nope, not really.
Best Time To Book Flights from realsimplemagazine.com


Shop on Tuesday mornings. Fare sales are often launched Monday nights, so other airlines have matched their prices by Tuesday morning.

Search how full your flight is. You can tell if your flight is full or empty by starting to buy tickets online and "choosing your seat." That will show you how many seats are taken already.

Remember it's a gamble. When in doubt, booking earlier is safer. If you wait, fares could go up or down, and usually fares go up by more than they go down. Only bide your time if your flight isn't too full and you know the price is a lot higher than it should be.

Use online tools. Kayak's "Hacker" tool can help you find two separate one-way flights to make a round trip that saves more money. Kayak also offers a fare chart so you can see trends in the ticket prices, and Bing created a price predictor tool to help you guess if fares are going up or down.

Follow airlines. Some airlines promote one-hour sales on Facebook or Twitter only, so follow an airline for the best deals.

Consider a destination serviced by low-cost carriers. Carriers like Air Tran, Southwest, and Frontier drive down all airfares along their routes. So it might make sense sometimes to drive longer to go to a bigger airport with low-cost carriers, since even major carriers' flights will likely be cheaper

Town Votes To Ban 4-Letter Curse Words From Public Discourse

At the annual town meeting last night, Middleborough Massachusetts residents voted to ban the F-word in public. The Police Chief first launched the proposal. He thought about instituting a "Swear Jar" for the town. 20 bucks for each 4-letter word uttered in public.
     In fact, there's already a law on the books, but it's been long forgotten. The town has revived the law, by approving the proposal with a 183-50 vote. One elderly resident told the Wall Street Journal (quote) "Back when I was younger you wouldn't think of saying foul language on the street, but now it's [bleep] you, or stick it up your whatever."

Wiki Fact
Swearing is the most difficult habit to break. A recent survey found that people felt like it was easier to quit smoking, caffeine, and biting their fingernails before they could eliminate 4-letter words from their vocabulary.

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06/12/2012 3:46PM
11 Things to Say If You Want to Start a Fight
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