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10 Ways You Know You Are Accident Prone (Like Me)

So, if you guys have been tuning in with me from 6-10 every week night, you are probably aware that I do little stories on how accident prone I am and how I wish I could find ways to have a normal, injury-free day, hahaha. I haven't exaclty found the cure to clumsiness, BUT, I did find a list of ways for you to at least figure out if you are a bit...let's say, "graceless"  than others ;) Let's hope that maybe only a few of these apply to you! 

You know you are accident prone if:

10) You have ever walked right into one of those super sticky fly trap strips that people hang to catch flies. It gets plastered to the side of your head and face so bad that you fear you might need major plastic surgery, and a month long trip to a salon to have it removed. Ah yes there's nothing like having hundreds of little bugs glued to your face. Of course it never fails, as you struggle to escape from the horrid sticky prison all your friends do is point and laugh!

9) If you have ever got your shoe laces stuck in the stairs of an escalator, and you are now scarred for life. Your fear is so bad that you would rather take the three flights of actual stairs, or scale the side of the building to get to the next floor before you ever step foot on another one of those escalating death traps!

8) If you have ever received a first aid kit as a gift, or band aids as a stocking stuffer. Take the hint someone is trying to tell you something!

7) If anyone has ever told you that they think its time for you to go to rehab. Or anyone has ever given you the number to a battered women's shelter, due to the fact that you can play connect the dots with the amount of scrapes and bruises you have on your body, which are caused from you bumping into everything you come into contact with.

6) Your husband gets worried when you wear heels because you can't even handle walking barefoot without tripping. He fears a night in heels will end with a trip by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

5) If your family members get nervous anytime you handle sharp objects. They fear you have inherited your three fingered, one eyed, gimp-legged grandfathers genes. The plus side is that no one ever wants you to help with the cooking during the holidays!

4) You run into things or say "ouch" at least ten times a day. The way I look at it, is that I am too busy enjoying life to pay attention to silly things....like paying attention to where I am going or what is in my way.

3) You have thought about bubble wrapping your entire office at work because you think it will save the company money on medical supplies. Hey maybe they will give you a raise because you are a team player!

2) You refuse to go camping because there are too many ways for you to get hurt. Especially since staying warm means having a fire. Having a fire means there's a good chance you are going to lose your eyebrows, arm hair, or singe your clothing. Worst case scenario is that you start a forest fire. Trust me thats not the way you want to make it onto the ten o'clock news!

1) Your high school guidance counselor recommended that you never play sports because it wouldn't be a good idea to place any type of bat, ball or stick in your hands!


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08/20/2013 12:39PM
10 Ways You Know You Are Accident Prone (Like Me)
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