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10 Major Parenting Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

  • Everyone makes mistakes when they raise a kid, but Your Tango’s parenting expert Tara Kennedy-Kline has written a list of easily avoidable parenting missteps:
    1. You compare other people's kids to your own—in front of your children.
    2. You force children to display affection to strangers.
    3. You tell your child it's not his/her fault even if it really is.
    4. You end your requests or commands with "OK?"
    5. You don't follow through on consequences.
    6. You make unrealistic and idle threats.
    7. You blame the child for your reaction.
    8. You react out of embarrassment instead of responding to the reality of a situation
    9. You don't allow your children to play and explore.
    10. You decide on a parenting style before your child is born and tell everyone how perfectly you will execute it.

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05/29/2013 4:35PM
10 Major Parenting Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid
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