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17 Things Guys Secretly Love

Here's the list from BuzzFeed. I'll write whether or not I personally like the 'thing' or not next to it...

What typically feminine indulgences do guys secretly enjoy, too? Here are several things that guys secretly love, according to BuzzFeed:
  • Facial masks.  (Only the 'peel-off' kind but I'll never buy one.)
  • Reality shows. (Hate 98% of them.)
  • Fancy soaps. (Ohhh yeah.)
  • Scented candles. (2 thumbs up.)
  • Romantic comedies. (Eh...there are a few good ones out there.)
  • Women's shampoo and conditioner. (Love 'em!)
  • Appletinis. (Hate 'em!)
  • Figure skating. (Not a fan. I'm only entertained when they fall.)
  • Bubble baths. (I like them but they're too much time & work. Once a year kinda thing.)
  • Cute animals. (Who doesn't love a cute animal?)

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04/29/2014 10:15AM
17 Things Guys Secretly Love
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